As someone who uses a lot of forums, I see many enquiries from people who have discovered a puppy farm or back yard breeder and want to act.  Sadly immoral and illegal are different things, but there are a few things worth trying to stop this horrible, greedy, selfish behaviour.

Bad breeding and puppy farming results in puppies suffering unnecessarily from hereditary illness and poor temperaments, yet there are more of them now than ever.  If you find one, please act.

There are many good breeders who health test, offer lifetime back up, choose studs carefully, register and have dogs living in their homes.  Any breeder not doing this should be reported and stopped.

Firstly, keep copies of any adverts.  This means save the page to your computer, not just storing the link.  The ads are often time limited, and removed as soon as the breeder is caught out.  Google phone numbers and description, you often find many ads from the same person and address.

  • Be realistic, the RSPCA still has to operate within the law, which is woefully inadequate where bad breeding is concerned.  Unless welfare laws are breached, action is difficult and their officers have no more right than you or I to enter premises.
  • Report names and addresses to Inland Revenue and if you suspect the person is on benefits, to the  Social Security offices too.  Income is taxable and few declare it.  As most are cash sales, the only proof may be in the ads you saved.
  • You can try reporting to the Kennel Club if the pups are KC registered and particularly if the breeder claims to be an accredited KC breeder.  This is sometimes on ads when they aren’t.  Again, be realistic, the KC are not the dog police and can only act within their own remit.
  • Report photos (again, save them) of dogs in poor condition to the RSPCA and to Environmental Health as there may be breaches under health legislation.  In some cases, change of use from the Planning Dept may be needed if they can say it is a business run from a private home.
  • If you have bought a puppy in poor health, you need to see a vet immediately after purchase to prove the puppy came like that.  Any later and you give the breeder time to claim you did it, and they will say that.  Take photos too.  Report all this to Trading Standards, breeders can be sued under the Sale of Goods Act under “not fit for purpose” if the dog is ill and especially if suffering from hereditary illness.  It may not be nice to describe your puppy like that , but it is effective.
  • Don’t feel sorry for the pet breeder.  No health tests is greed, some of these people are fronts for farmers, selling dogs they haven’t bred from their home.  How many times do you think they use the “it’s our first litter” and “she’s being spayed next week”?

You need as much info as possible.  Names, addresses, adverts, phone numbers, copies of receipts, pedigrees etc.  I read lots of complaints online, yet few follow through.  This is partly why this still goes on.  Too many moan to family, friends and post on forums and don’t act.  many post to say they told the RSPCA, even the council and nothing changed.  You have to report to all of the above, one of them is often the right one.  The RSPCA may agree with you, but can’t act on immorality.  Please follow through.

See our guide to safe buying on the SafePets website

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  4. N/A says:

    Pug Puppy Seller In Liverpool, Warning!!

    Within 2013 I bought a Male Fawn Pug Puppy from a Miss Nikki Glover and Mr Barry Groves for £900 which was stated to be breeding and show quality, with 5th generation pedigree and kennel club registration.

    On a routine health check an umbilical herniation was detected, which is an hereditary defect resulting to puppy in need of a removal operation costing £200. Otherwise the puppy could not be either shown or bred from in the future, causing a major health risk if the hernia developed further within the puppy’s life.

    Once receiving this information I done some research, an umbilical hernia is a hereditary defect which any dog having one should not be bred from as it defects their litter, therefore if they are bred from then that breeder is not keeping the quality of standards within that breed. If a puppy was to have an umbilical hernia then that puppy should be sold as “pet only” price, and states as so.

    With all this information I contacted Miss Glover, who responded with “they were health checked at 1st and 7th week, only one puppy within the litter had an umbilical hernia the others where fine. I am in contact with plenty of breeders who still breed with these hernias, I shall ask my vet why they did not notice this.”

    With no reply I contacted the kennel club seeking advice on this, they informed me that Miss Glover was not a registered breeder, confirming that she falsely advertised the puppies as they aren’t classed as full breeding standard with that defect and should have been sold as “pet only” as any animal too have this defect they cannot and should not be bred from.

    I contacted Miss Glover, whom her partner Mr Groves was very aggressive and used abusive language not letting myself speak my opinion, accused myself as being threatening towards his wife, which ended the conversation him yelling “I admit I am not fully registered, the pets where as “pet only”, you will not be getting a refund or any money back”.

    “I am very disappointed” was the most threatening phrase I used throughout, and I shall continue to use it in relation of this situation. On visiting the puppies I recall the puppy’s hernia being classed as “his bellybutton”- Miss Glover which I regrettably believed.

    Unfortunately no insurers will cover a puppy with a hereditary defect, and now a £200 vet bill awaits, after purchasing all the certificates for a future life of showing and breeding. I am currently going through trading standards procedures to claim the £200 vet costs at least.

    Please be aware of this breeder, as they are nether professional nor friendly whom do not breed quality standard puppies, and put shame upon the kennel club certificate. I hope they do not disappoint anybody else, like they have done to myself.

    Miss Nikki Glover
    Mr Barry Groves
    Gilpin Avenue
    L31 9PA

  5. Caroline says:

    This is a puppy farm advertising as “designer puppies’ what an outrage, something needs to be dive about Little Rascals in Lincoln.

    • safepets uk says:

      Little Rascals has featured in a couple of TV expose shows and there are stories all over the Internet about them. Sadly people are still buying, so all of these places continue :(

      • Deb Willy says:

        I hope they shut them down! Hope all gets the word out.

      • safepets uk says:

        Unfortunately whilst the reselling of puppy farmed pups is immoral, it isn’t illegal. They are one of several outlets in Lincolnshire alone, every county in the UK has many places selling on these pups, it’s big business.
        Encourage buyers not to go, tell anyone you find that has bought one to speak to the council and trading standards.
        A depressing and growing trade. Wherever you live, try and get people to understand and recognise the sellers.

  6. SHMM says:

    I just bought a forest cat from a woman from Bristol her number is 07450276007 and her adress is Bs5 7uw, the cat was sold with 6 weeks and his brothers even earlier, she claimed he was 8 weeks, it was a lie, the cat now suffers from loads of health problems. Please do not buy ftom this seller!

  7. karen says:

    I wish to report a puppy farm at Jinny Moor Lane Swillington. She placed an advert on the free ad”s advertising “cockaliers” for sale when we got there she offered us anything but the dog we went to see she had Westiepoo’s, Cavapoo’s Labropoo’s labraliers, and bossipoo you name it she had it. She took us the conservatory and she had large dog crates 2 high and about 7 long and they were just full of bitches with pups. She took us to the conservatory and just to the side of the conservatory the was a pen with some cockerpoo’s in they had no water and were covered in there own poo. Also she in her ads say she give puppy packs and a brand of food and all you get is a print out from the net.

    Me and my husband walked away and both said that’s a puppy farm. And that we would not give her our hard earned money. So if you care about animals please don’t used her..

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