If you read the Press Release here, you’ll see I will be at the Mayhew on Thursday 14th April from 2 to 5pm.  My aim is to give advice to anyone wanting to rehome a Rottie or Bull Breed.  These breeds spend too long in rescue because of the terrible stories we all read about them.  This behaviour is not normal for them, it is purely people who create aggressive, dangerous dogs and they’d do it with any dog, these just happen to be their weapons of choice.

 This is important to me as I also see the other end of this problem.  The dogs who have made it to rescues like the Mayhew are the lucky ones.  Many hundreds of Staffie types are destroyed each month as so few are adopted and so many are being indiscriminately bred.  there simply isn’t room for every dog to get a rescue place and so, many die.  If I can help by showing people there is more to them and their many good points, I will be a happy behaviourist!

There are many gorgeous bull breeds, Rotties and others who are as safe and loving as any other dog.  If you are considering adopting one and want some advice about them, the best way to introduce them, to train them and have a loving, safe dog, come to the Mayhew on Thursday and speak to me, and the wonderful staff there and lets home some dogs.

Please contact them if you would like to come and chat so they can book you into one of the sessions.

My sincere thanks to The Mayhew for giving me the opportunity to talk about behaviour with their staff and to help rehome some dogs.  I will also be getting introduced to a rather feisty cat who might also need my help.  I will be taking bandages.

Debbie Connolly


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