God help us.  This new show, with Sarah Beeny aggravated me very quickly.  I expected to see the usual insects, repulsed homeowners and presenter and not be surprised.  Insects are a pet hate of mine.  More than once I have been rescued from my bed where I stood squealing because a large spider was blocking my path to the door.

I have never seen mammals in the same light, no matter what they do.  A friend has pet fancy rats, I live in rural places and am used to seeing the rats all over.  They don’t bother me, I don’t bother them.  My cats occasionally affect the population in terms of reducing them, I accept that, if I don’t like it.

But to hear an emotionless, deadpan Sarah Beeny talking about urban foxes was a step too far.  These foxes already struggle since the media frenzy of unproven “attacks” with idiots killing and injuring them as they felt this was now legitimate.  The voiceover saying that action depended on “deciding” if you felt they were vermin or not was unbelievable.  It then went on with her saying you could: 1.Trap them and have them put to sleep, 2.Get a professional to shoot them,  3. Use DIY methods like sensor lights, sonic gadgets etc

At least the last one was a little more humane.  At least twice there was comment of how they mark their territory by urinating and defecating.  This may now mean that people see cat poop in their gardens and blame foxes and “professionals” with guns can shoot them.  How long before someone’s pet cat is shot by these idiots?  God help any ginger moggies.

To hear this presenter talking about disposing of mammals like foxes and rats in the same callous way as insects was upsetting to say the least.  If there’s more of this, I seriously hope they stick to insects.


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