Sadly another story about a Staffie biting a child.

It appears she was at a friend’s, in a tent and the dog has obviously bitten her head and face.  Some ridiculous reporting of “chewed away her eyelid”.  Whilst terrible, I don’t think this dog chewed away anything.  The dog shouldn’t have been allowed to wander out to where kids were playing without supervision and if I had to guess, what’s the bet it’s another uncastrated male?

I am very sorry for the girl and her family.  The dog’s owners have apparently had the dog for 6 years, they must be devasted too.   The dog has now been put down.  There will again be the outcry against the breed, missing the point about owners responsibility.  Interesting the Step Mum said she didn’t know the family had a dog or she wouldn’t have let her play there.  How well did they know them?  Was the dog walked?  Where was it when they dropped the child off?  We never get the full facts that could actually help us to understand the actual incidents and learn something.

We need to learn more from these incidents and get the full circumstances understood to ever make a difference in the future.

I hope the little girl makes a full recovery.

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