Last week saw yet another “attack” on a child by a dog which I’ve already commented on on this blog.  I’ve been working for some time and am awaiting the last of my Freedom of Information requests to come back, on the facts behind the media stories.

Next week I have a press release going out asking for help.  I need to speak to those people who own dogs who have hurt kids and the victims themselves to find a way forward.  There must be some common denominators here, not the macho, sad men with their strutting Pit Bulls, we all know why those attacks happen.  Several of these cases (and many more not in the news) feature family pets of all ages and breeds.  These are the ones I want to investigate.

This isn’t about names and addresses, I can assure complete confidentiality and anonymity.  I am interested in the facts about the dog, its history, situation, training, everything I can get.  Victims and owners will be interviewed sympathetically, my aim is to  produce a report that can help stop future attacks, not name and shame.

Can you help?  Are you the parent or carer of a child victim of a dog bite or threat?  Are you the owner of a dog that has hurt a child?  Did you have to part with a dog that showed aggression to a child?

Without your help, we cannot make any difference to the number of cases that appear in the media, nor can we identify the causes.  I’d like to see less media stories and safer kids, please spread this to help me achieve it.

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