Our thanks to Shauna Lowry, well known TV presenter and animal lover for doing our Celebrities Unleashed interview, Read all about it here!

Shauna Lowry has presented many TV animal programmes like Battersea Dogs Home, Animal Hospital, Crufts, Shauna’s Amazing Animals and Top Dog. 

She is a supporter of many animal charities including Battersea Dogs Home, Dogs Trust, USPCA, WDCS.  

Currently a busy mum of two toddlers, she has two fish and aims to have a menagerie of rescued animals in the future.  

She is setting up her own web-site and company and will be back on TV soon! 

Q1  What makes a good pet owner?

Someone who loves their pet for life and responsibly trains it, has fun with it and looks after it properly.

Q2  How do you make your pet’s life the best possible?

Lots of fun, love and care, which takes time.


Q3  What campaign or law would you create to improve the life of pets in the UK?

Long jail sentences and life bans for cruelty and neglect of animals, with no loopholes, and an end to all puppy farming and dog fighting.


Q4  What advice would you give to someone buying their first pet?

Always take time to consider, never rush into it, and ask yourself have you the time and money to look after it properly for life. If buying a dog, always see the puppies with their mother, research the best breed for your lifestyle and consider a rescue animal that needs a home from one of the many animal charities.


Q5  What animal have you never owned but want to and why?

I’ve wanted my own horse since I was little. I love riding and now I live in the country, hopefully I’ll get to fulfill that dream in the next few years.

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