Apologies for a short gap in posts, it’s been a busy couple of weeks customer wise.  I’ve had some amazing people working with me lately, my thanks to them.

I’m making some council approaches over the next 2 weeks because I feel their dog education for owners is non existent.  If you get caught for speeding you can be sent on a course, so why can’t you be sent on a course if your dog is a nuisance?

Barking dogs annoy everyone, and many owners live in fear of the council letter or knock at the door.  A few realise they should see a behaviourist, some can’t afford it.  The dog warden may offer a leaflet and a few tips, but they aren’t behaviourists so their help is limited.

Straying dogs may need neutering or basic training, owners don’t often know why their dog persistently escapes or why it chases cars.  Most owners are just struggling, sometimes ignorant of facts and of help available, a few, of course, don’t care and even if the dog is seized, don’t reclaim it.

I’d like to see councils, for once, taking a pro active approach to dog problems.  Education, professional help and advice, support, information, these are the things I feel will make a difference.  Councils face an ever increasing amount of dog complaints and yet the only action is to prosecute or threaten to remove pets.  There will be the usual “we have no money” argument, but that doesn’t hold any authority with me.  They spend thousands on policing dog issues.  Strays, noise, aggressive and nuisance behaviour all cost a lot of money and yet there’s no education.

We will be approaching councils starting this week and asking them to use our new education program for anyone who is reported to them for a dog issue.  Will they use it?  Lets see…..

If you need some advice about barking problems, council letters, control orders etc, please see our YouTube channel for many helpful training videos or see the Contact & Services page for a simple list of training options.

If you have been threatened with the removal of your dog because it is a nuisance of any kind, get help.  We have successfully fought several cases of removal notices by councils, housing associations and landlords.  Get legal advice, don’t take it lying down, but don’t think you can ignore a badly trained dog problem either.

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