There have been many cases over the years of breeders with a high profile and successful showing career convicted of cruelty.  Yet there never seems to be action by the people taking their money for many years, the Kennel Club.  Surely automatic bans for those convicted or who sign over animals to avoid prosecution should be the norm? 

The Kennel Club does have the ability to take action against those breeders who register puppies with them and show their dogs.  Being “Kennel Clubbed” means someone has put money down to make an official complaint against you because of your, or your dog’s conduct at a show.

Using dye, talc, banned substances etc means you could be banned from showing and registering.  Yet there appears to be no equivalent for cruelty?

I am told that 300 breeders have been removed from the Kennel Club’s  Accredited Breeder Scheme, yet these breeders can continue to show, register and basically carry on as normal.  There is no “name and shame” approach either.  Presumably, these breeders have been removed for breaking rules, which is fraud?  Yet they are not removed and banned?

In these days of ever growing puppy farming and back yard breeding, surely there should be bans for cruelty, including not showing and registering?  Councils need to step up too, my current Freedom of Information enquiries show a varied approach to issuing breeding licences by councils and a cavalier attitude to how many breeding dogs can be kept.

To fight these people who give the good breeders (and there are some) we need to get those who do have some powers of control to actually use them to discipline those proven to be unfit to even own animals, never mind the rest.



Added 27/06
In interests of fairness, here is an example of the KC banning a Newfie breeder, (a case many still remember) for 5 years which was reduced in court!


Further thoughts:  There needs to be a central register of some sort.  Anyone convicted of cruelty and even banned from animal ownership only has to move and they are untraceable.  The breeding licences issued by councils are not matched up with cruelty convictions, or to KC records of breeding, so there’s no easy way of proving who is doing it badly.




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