It’s been a long time coming, but we will shortly launch our Community Dog Clubs.  Our aim is to create local pockets of dog lovers who can share resources and advice and help each other.  We’ve all got old leads, beds, toys and more sitting doing nothing and there are plenty of owners in difficult circumstances, having a hard time.  Elderly people sometimes need their dog walking, or single owners want a walking buddy.

Local knowledge is very useful.  Knowing the adverts from the back yard breeders and puppy farmers and telling others is a valuable thing. Offering advice to those struggling can mean the difference between a dog losing a home and staying put.  Explaining why breeding your dog is not a good idea, suggesting a harness, headcollar or change of food can all mean a dog gets a better life.

We feel that there is an untapped resource out there – dog owners.  In these days of status dogs, endless Staffie breeding, thousands of dogs being put down, dumped in rescue, the growing puppy farm trade, we think the answer is on the ground.  Dog owners helping dog owners.  A huge, untapped resource of dog owners who can help less experienced or struggling owners.

We already have some sponsorship interest and we are providing some information for Group Leaders.    Your group will be listed with us, on our new webpage and we will provide you with support, posters, info for your members etc.

As a Group Leader, you will be asked to keep records of enquiries, items donated and passed on, members and meetings so we can assess the best way to help you and satisfy our sponsors.  We will help you with local press, advice and space on our site for your local notices and information.

We also want to reach owners who have become isolated, maybe facing RSPCA issues and are outside the community.  They could have an aggressive dog, or maybe can’t afford flea treatments, wormers or even a decent lead.  They may be embarrassed at going out, can’t afford neutering, keep having litters and are afraid to ask for help.  In these cases, we are offering an anonymous contact option.  If you pass us the name and address of the person, we will write in our own name and offer some advice.  Reaching these people we feel is the way to improve all our lives and help their pets.

If you are interested in this project, please email us on

Project Leaders already exist in Ashwell, Herts and in Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Join us on our new Facebook Page Here

Welcome and sincere thanks to Burgess for their sponsorship of our new Clubs.  members will receive money off vouchers for Burgess food. 


About Safepets UK

Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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