We have spent a year at least trying to get a very important project off the ground.  The idea has to have protection as several have stolen bits of it and made a total mess, including some very well known organisations in dogs.  The recent riots have show thousands of young people with no morals, no direction, no options.  Help to give them some.

We feel that there is a distinct lack of real help for some inner city youths and their dogs.  Our project offers some serious, real training, the chance to compete nationally and internationally which offers a way out of a lifestyle for those that want it.  Professionally we have always hated the Dangerous Dogs Act and as it is 20 years today since this ridiculous, ineffective act was passed, it’s the day to appeal on a bigger scale for funding.  Bull breeds and Rotties are lovely, trainable dogs if bred and raised properly, we aim to prove it with this idea.

We have had many conversations and arguments with councils, London boroughs, Prisons and Young Offenders organisations.  Always we get lots of praise and very positive responses, but no money.  Despite our showing that constant spending of tens of thousands policing the status dog problem is wasted without education, we get no help.

Having come full circle with this, we are back to having some TV and media interest in it.  Visually, our project creates a performance of teens, dogs and training like no other.  Practically, it offers a way into a career, professional and peer group that could just change the outcome for a few inner city kids and dogs.

Sponsorship is our only way of making this real, of saving some of the youths and their dogs, of creating something that could be repeated in many groups all over the UK and abroad.    We would train a team that could perform all over the UK, showing these breeds for who they are, and the young owners for who they are too.  An opportunity to join in many cities could be a real possibility with your help, giving young people an alternative.

Can’t give away any more, but please, if you own a company that wants to seriously address the inner city dog and teen issues, then sponsor this project.  Please contact us for more information.

email us training@safepets.co.uk



About Safepets UK

Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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