We were thrilled to be invited by Aztec Events to speak to dog owners and give talks at these shows.  Debbie Connolly and several assistants worked hard trying to help a huge number of dogs and owners.  The shows are amazing, not just the usual take your dog, walk round and spend money, there is a huge number of activities.  Lovely to see dogs jumping into water,  doing agility, scurry, some obedience, all sorts.

Thanks to everyone who came and talked to us, bought Debbie’s book and introduced us to their lovely dogs.  Our apologies to anyone who didn’t get the chance to chat, it was  really busy at times and I know a few couldn’t wait.

The people of Norfolk and Suffolk were welcoming and friendly, true dog lovers.  Several years ago Debbie Connolly lived and worked in Lincolnshire and some old customers came to say hello.  Quite a few years ago, she trained a very naughty Rottie/GSD cross called Leo.  His story is on the SafePets site and has helped many dogs over the years.  One of the things people remember about him is his “before” and “after” tail photos as his was threatened with amputation as it was badly chewed by him and infected.

This was also successfully treated as a behaviour problem and we were thrilled when his hair grew back.  We got the chance to go and see Leo after the show.  To us, he is a big, dark, feisty boy, in his prime.  It is hard now to see this, to us, suddenly old boy.  Leo has had a wonderful life, much loved, it was a privilege to meet him again.  He is a happy, affectionate boy, his owners are the most amazing people to have seen past his very aggressive behaviour all those years ago and realise he was something else too.

Thanks to Aztec Events, all the doggy people who were involved and we hope to see you all again next year.

About Safepets UK

Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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