There has been an amazing outcry at the young man claiming to run a “dog treatment centre” In London and also a sanctuary and who appeared on the One Show as the resident dog expert.   It appears that the show backtracked last night and demoted him to “someone we are following”.

UPDATE:  BBC have stated this feature cancelled 23/09/11

A huge amount of people have commented on FB and there are two pages and a petition trying to remove him.  This I can understand as he is a 21 year old dog fosterer for a London rescue and has no history of any kind of professional experience that can be found.   The first film showed him “training” a food aggressive JRT with threatening methods and shoving his foot in the mouth of the dog, with shots of the dog biting his foot and his trousers.  He claims self taught through watching Cesar Milan.  We probably could have guessed the self taught bit.

There are some interesting comments about a possible hidden agenda on the part of the TV company that filmed this segment on the blog of Beverley Cuddy, Dogs Today editor.

Whatever the reasons, using this inexperienced, untested professionally young man was a mistake, possibly a dangerous one.  We have offered this show previously many sensible options about preparing dogs and cats for babies, solving kid and dog problems, real and  important issues, yet they go with this instead.

They showed the next bit last night, where he took a dog away from the owners and returned it “trained”.  Inappropriate, ill judged and there will be more.  It also showed that his “sanctuary” is actually his parents back garden.  Insulting to the real rescue he has been fostering for, who do it right.

See the press release from Pet Education Trust with comments from Debbie Connolly, also their Behaviour Adviser here
Click for press release 

As this has now been cancelled, we like to say that we sincerely hope that Jordan Shelley goes on to get some real experience and learns a lot more about training in the proper way, not from watching TV.  If he is a dog lover, and I suspect he is as he fosters for a rescue, then he needs to accept his limited experience and skills and go learn it all properly, like the rest of us did.  It will be a long time before he is ready to be going it alone, but we hope he gets there in a better way.

UPDATED October 2011

We understand that Jordan Shelley went to the USA to attend a seminar on positive training.  I am not entirely sure why he didn’t do something here, but maybe he will understand now that both his methods and lack of any actual experience are serious issues.

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