dogsvanThe world of security dogs used to be something populated by sad macho men with aggressive dogs.  These days it is a profession producing dogs and handlers on a par with Police dog handlers.  Having recently been involved with the Security Dog working Trials, I was impressed at the standard of dog work, professionalism and overall attitude.  If you are considering a career in dog handling or want to add it to your current security industry licence, here’s some course advice.

We support NASDU the National Association of Security Dog Users as we have found them to be professional, courteous andmalibite providing top quality training.  Respected in the industry and supported by various  companies, we suggest you start with them if you are looking for advice.

You need to complete a course and pass a test if you want to be licensed as a dog handler.  In most jobs, you cannot be accepted without proof that you have reached the standard nor can you get your own professional insurance.  Maybe this is something you have always wanted to do as a career?  Maybe you want to add to your job options with the dog handling addition?

If you have a dog already and you think your pet dog might have the ability to work either as a Patrol dog or as a search dog, talk to us.  We can help your dog be tested so you can see if you and your dog could go and train together.  Even if you don’t have a dog, the company we work with can supply one and you will pass the course together.

spanielsearchbathWe rarely recommend companies, but in this case we can as we have worked alongside them for some time.  Whether you want to buy a ready trained search or GP dog, have a green dog, no dog and want to go on a course, these guys can help you.  Jobs both in the UK and abroad are frequently advertised and various specialised forums help with work too.

You need to be committed, disciplined, professional and flexible.  You need to add as many options as possible to your qualifications to get the best range of job options.  You need to like dogs.  Your dog has to be fed well, exercised and trained properly, social and safe.

The courses we recommend are based in South Wales and residential.  From passive search to patrol dogs, they can offer aframerottyou training and testing to the standard required.  Realistic training situations, professional trainers, maybe this is a career option for you?  Don’t worry if you have no previous experience, that is what training is for!

Qualifications offered:

All qualifications are awarded by HABC and are recognised by SIA

First Aid at Work
K9 First Aid

General Purpose Security Dog Handlers Course Level 2 (7 days )
General Purpose Security Dog Handlers Course Level 3 (16 days )
General Purpose Security Dog Handlers Course Level 2&3 (23 days)
Explosive Detection Dog Handlers Course Level 4 (32 days)

Passive Scanning Drug Dog Handlers Course  level 3 (18 days)
Pro-Active Drug Dog Handlers Course level 3 (18 days)
Dual Purpose Passive Scanning/Pro-Active Drugs Dog Handlers course level 3 (36 days)

Other levels and combinations available.

Train the Trainers Courses

Continuation and Refresher Training

Accommodation and kennelling provided on site.

If you would like more information about the courses, please email your enquiry HERE  or fill in the form below.


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