For anyone not familiar with our work, here’s a little about how we can help you with your pet problems.  SafePets UK is run by experienced behaviourist Debbie Connolly, she is the behaviour consultant for several rescues and has many published articles about dog and cat training and behaviour.

With a team of two training assistants, several helpers and an occasional volunteer, SafePets works mainly along the M4 corridor with bases in South Wales and Hertfordshire.  Other areas are covered by arrangements and new discounts are offered to owners of rescued animals.

Our aim is to teach you to communicate in a more natural style  with your pet.  Understanding the body language and using your own to influence your dog or cat.  Rewards and positive experiences are the way forward, but making sure you know what our animal is saying is the real secret.

As Debbie Connolly has indoor living dogs and cats, her dogs sleep in the bedroom, we encourage you to be affectionate and have a hands on relationship, but to set sensible boundaries.    Mutual respect is important, understanding your pet’s needs is too.

Our services include office consults in Welwyn, Herts and Port Talbot, South Wales from £35 and home visits from £130.  These include our advice pack and a personal plan to take you forward.  We often recommend various homeopathic or other natural treatments to help your pet too.  Games and entertainment are suggested for dogs and cats and how to use them as fun training times.

Maybe you just want to be pointed in the right direction and have a go yourself?  Then we do dog and cat advice packs for £3.99.  No real issues, just want to tighten obedience or work with distractions?  Maybe learn a bit of tracking?  We can help you.

Our phone and email consults also give you a month of support, home visits, two months.  Come and spend a day with us working with other animals and people.  Whether your dog chases livestock, hates dogs, simply doesn’t listen or is stressed and nervous, we can draw up a plan to help you.

Call to discuss 0208 1445799 or email us HERE

see our full range of prices and options HERE 

About Safepets UK

Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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