Some dog problems are common and more easily solved than others, you just need a little advice. Options range from an advice pack to a residential stay, or send your dog for specialist help. No it isn’t the Dog Borstal Boot Camp, no tents!  SafePets is Run by Debbie Connolly from TV’s “Dog Borstal” and “Britain’s Most Embarrassing Pets”

We offer various cost effective ways for you to get some help for your cat or dog with a rolling price structure so you

One of our customers after a session in the field!

One of our customers after a session in the field!

only pay for what you use as you use it.  See the SAFEPETS SITE for current options and pricing.

We are the Training and Behaviour advisers to the Pet Education Trust and Bengal Cat Helpline.

Residential Dog Training
We offer various packages for dog help to allow even the most serious cases to get some help.
See the SAFEPETS SITE for current options and pricing

A GSD client relaxing in the river on a training holiday.

Many dogs end up in rescue because of easy to solve behaviour problems. Boredom, lack of exercise, a lack of basic training knowledge. We can help you to deal with these and help you to get the best from your dog.

A phone or email consultation costs £40.  

If you then need a home visit, the £40 you already paid is deducted from the home visit cost.
If you come to our new office south of Grantham, Lincolnshire for a consultation, the cost is £60 and if you then have a home visit, the £60 is deducted from the cost of the home visit.

This way you pay as you go and don’t pay twice for the same thing.

Want to make an enquiry?  Ring 0208 1445799 or Email us HERE

Or see our full SafePets Website


About safepets uk

Pet training and behaviour company treating cats, dogs and livestock. Range of free advice on website. Covering Midlands to London. Training and behaviour advisers to Pet Education Trust.

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