It is rare that I go on a rant, honestly, but this show has made my blood boil as it has for many after an evening of Tweeting about it.  I am waiting for a reply from ITV as I emailed them 2 days ago when I saw the trailer.

Whilst an element of TV is entertainment, I do feel that reality and documentary shows also have a level of responsibility.  It isn’t just about whether I agree with a topic personally, but whether I feel there are bigger social issues made worse by irresponsible broadcasting.

This show champions the tiny versions of animals from dogs to donkeys, pigs to puppies in the most appalling way.  If you keep a farm animal as a pet, then you need a DEFRA holding number and you can’t take your pig in the street because you need a movement order to take it from your property.  Remember the spread of foot and mouth?

If your only reason for wanting one was you saw a cute pet on this show, then you shouldn’t get one.  Pigs are clever, funny and easily bored.  They want to live like pigs, get dirty, dig holes, forage for food all day and use their very large front teeth to chew things.  They don’t want to live in your garden, which they will trash and will crash though the fence to trash the neighbours garden too.

For several years, the animal industry has been fighting the rise of the miniature, tiny, teacup pet.  The constant photos of “micro” pigs, always babies, even appearing in the Daily Mail in a Taxi for a photo op.  Disgusting, unethical behaviour, promoting the myth of the non existent micro pigs.

Tea cup puppies are simply tiny.  The sort that responsible breeders wouldn’t breed from or encourage because of frailty in health and body, yet appearing in ever larger numbers, sold to people who want a toy, not a dog and simply don’t care about health or quality of life.

Rescues are full of dogs from back yard greedy breeders whilst the good ones aren’t getting the attention they deserve.  Constantly breeding these tiny dogs is cruel, greedy and selfish, yet here are ITV and Shiver Productions glorifying it all.  The worst thing about this is the timing.  Like hundreds of others, I will be spending Xmas saving all the unwanted, bought on a whim pets, many more now this show has shown everyone what fun it is to own a tiny, sick pet with no thought as to whether you should even have one.

I await the reply from ITV and the huge donation cheque to put it all right……

There are plenty of small dogs, pigs and lots of other animals in rescue.  Please, if you really must have one, go to rescue first.  Don’t line the pockets of people using animals to breed from that could give you heartache when plenty of breeders are out there doing a great job.  Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Japanese Chins all have good breed rescues who give you lifetime back up, get your dog through them.

Please, go speak to DEFRA and to the many rescues saving these animals and see why rescues are full and why we all hate this sort of irresponsible promotion.  Research the health issues and if you want a dog, then want it to be a dog:

Dogs are for life, not just for handbags
Apologies to Dogs Trust

I would also point out that I have just spoken to Marc Abraham, “Marc the Vet” who I know well.  He has used his media presence to highlight the plight of puppy farming and irresponsible breeding.  He was interviewed for a half day and gave his thoughts on how appalling this trade and trend is.  Yet his agent got an email saying they weren’t using any of it.  Balanced and responsible broadcasting?  No chance.

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  1. Julianna says:

    The show needs a name change.Super tiny is 6 1/2 ounces like my hamster.When he was born he fit inside a bottle cap.Dogs are not super tiny.They are giants to hamsters.

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