Crufts 2012 introduced for the first time independent vet checks for 15 high profile breeds.  Because several failed, a huge amount of criticism was aimed at breeders.    This, of course started 3 years earlier with the show “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” by Jemima Harrison.  The result of continued pressure was that the Kennel Club (KC) went from “we already do enough” to making some changes and vet checks were welcomed by the rest of the dog world.  However the breeders have fought back. Updates on next vet checks at bottom of page and our new petition.

In the aftermath of the vet check fails, breeders and exhibitors met and created the Canine Alliance (CA).  Whilst I can understand their need for representation it did not seem that they were concerned with anything other than to ask the KC to suspend the vet checks.  to their credit the KC have so far said no.

There is still a huge amount of comment and interest in this and whether the CA truly, as they state, can claim they are “responsible for pedigree dogs” and “represent everyone involved with pedigree dogs” when in fact they are entirely made of of people breeding and showing, exhibitors and judges.  Do they think this is everyone that owns pedigree dogs?

I have already commented that they should have had at least one person who knows about dogs and showing but neither breeds nor shows to even begin to make this claim of representation valid.  I have also had many people contact me to say many breeders don’t support the CA and that neither them nor the many pedigree pet owners out there are represented.

As I am about to start on some video interviews about this subject, maybe this is the time to ask.  Should there be another Alliance for ALL pedigree pet owners to be able to represent their views to the Kennel Club and elsewhere?  Will this simply create conflict and an “us and them” situation?    Will breeders join both?  Or have to take sides against each other?

I have several interesting interviews lined up over the next few weeks, an alternative comment on the showing and breeding of dogs.  Would you like to be interviewed?  Do you have something constructive and valid to talk about to help dogs?  There are many good breeders out there, we should be hearing from them too, as well as all the pet owners of pedigree dogs who have real opinions.

My feelings are that I believe the KC should have a type of lay advice group.  People from the worlds of behaviour, breeding and rescue who meet regularly to present the feelings and ideas of dog owners UK wide.  After all, it is these people, myself included who often end up clearing up the mess from bad breeding, so we do have a valid reason for being heard.

If you would like to offer any assistance, be interviewed or have any thoughts on this, please email me

Email here 

If you feel that there should be a Pedigree Pet Alliance, please sign our petition HERE

Updated 31/3/12
The UK  Toy Dog society has a show today that will again highlight the vet checks for Best of Breed.  News just in at 13.34 is that the Peke has passed but the Pugs have refused to challenge for BOB.  Ann odd decision?  Did they feel neither would pass, or is this an objection against the checks which is making a mockery of the KC attempt to move forward?

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  1. Peter Dawson says:

    One would hope that after mature consideration the canine alliance would recognise that the time has come for action to discourage the breeding of dogs with physical features which make life painful and uncomfortable for them. Hopefullly the CA will also come to recognise that for reasons of affordability and expedience the worst cases must be dealt with first, consequently an initial list of 15. One hopes that the CA would agree that the self perceived interests of current breeders should not inhibit progress towards discouraging the breeding of these dogs with obvious painful deformities.

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