Our new non profit organisation has been set up to tackle the growing problem of dogs sold, rehomed or placed into homes with no assessment.  Every day brings new cases of dogs that turn out to have behaviour issues that the original owner lied about, or the “pound coordinator” didn’t bother assessing.  Pet Lifeline aims to help these dogs avoid death by finding professionals to assess them properly.

We stress here that there are many coordinators doing a good job.  Dogs are not given to the public, they go only to reputable rescues or occasionally into very experienced foster homes.  However many don’t.  A lot of people have set themselves up as pound rescuers and simply act like a dating agency, passing dogs to the next person that sends a lovely message “I’d love to help this lush dog hun” for example.  They often never see the dogs or have ever met the foster or new home.

Without the good pound coordinators, many more dogs would die and of course the vast majority of these abandoned dogs are Staffie types.  So what happens if someone wants to rehome their dog but nobody can assess it, or a bad rescue has put a dog out without any form of temperament or behaviour check?  Some end up dead, some back on the streets, some sold to the next unsuspecting owner.  Sometimes a decent rescue has to pick up the pieces, as we have done many times.

We created Pet Lifeline to see if there is a way to help the situation.  Many Behaviourists give time freely already, as do we to various rescues, but many more have no back up.  The spiralling costs of travel are preventing some dogs getting help as a trainer cannot always afford to do it for free.  If we can raise funds, we will try and help.

So cut to the chase, we need to raise funds to get trainers and behaviourists out to assess dogs to help them find a home, rescue or foster space to lead them into their new permanent home.  Your help could literally mean life or death to a dog, we hope the next urgent case isn’t you.

If you can help, Paypal donations can be made to info@petlifeline.co.uk

Read about us and our cases on our Facebook Page HERE


About safepets uk

Pet training and behaviour company treating cats, dogs and livestock. Range of free advice on website. Covering Midlands to London. Training and behaviour advisers to Pet Education Trust.

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