Whilst I am one of the trainers from the first TV series of Dog Borstal, you and your dog won’t be staying in tents like a boot camp when you come!  Residential training is not an option to be taken lightly, it’s still up to you to do some of the work.  Read about our private training options.

Sadly Dog Borstal is long gone, after several series TV moves on. Training with your dog intensively though, remains a great option.  We offer private help to cats and dogs and residential work with dogs, not a Borstal Boot Camp!

You can bring your dog and leave it with us whilst you train daily and have a break in one of the nearby Vale of Belvoir country house hotels.

We now have a new home and base on the Lincolnshire/Leicestershire/Nottinghamshire border.  From this great new county and central location we offer a new version of residential work as of August 2014.  We can offer an office day, a residential stay or home visit over a bigger area than before.

We continue to offer various other forms of residential help including in your home, or collecting daily and taking your dog with us for help.  See the SafePets Website.

One of our 2013 dogs that stayed for training enjoying her down time

One of our 2013 dogs that stayed for training enjoying her down time

It is true that residential training can have a bad name.  many companies offer it and  say they are doing behaviour training, but actually just do obedience in a sterile field, with the same dogs and people around.  People are understandably impressed when they collect a dog behaving beautifully in the field, take it home and it is exactly the same when people come to the door or they go for a real walk.  This version may improve obedience, but it isn’t behaviour training and it won’t solve a problem. Residential work isn’t a get out for lazy owners either.  Unless you have a proper handover of several hours at least, you will not be able to play your part in the cure.  You are part of the reason there is a problem, so you are part of the cure.

Your dog needs to be somewhere where there is a real life situation.  With someone competent and safe.  Training isn’t just about walking round a field or even down the road, it is about visitors, other dogs and manners.

Read about one of the dogs we trained residentially several years ago, a very difficult GSD/Rottie cross called Leo.  Read Leo’s Story here These are some of the many owners who have kept in touch.
Leo has a new companion, a lovely GSD girl and I was lucky enough to be able

An older and wiser Leo

to visit him in 2011.  He is 11 now, a little grey around the face an a bit slower these days, but it was so wonderful to see the life we all gave him.  His tail was so badly chewed, it was almost amputated, thankfully he found me before that happened. Leo’s owners would be happy to talk to you about their experiences, I recently gave them some tips for his new girlfriend.

There are plenty of other cases there, livestock chasing, aggression, general problems, this is a more recent one and interesting as it is a   Dalmatian with some serious mental problems.  Read George’s story here Again I was lucky enough to visit George after his move to Scotland and although it’s fair to say he doesn’t like me, he lives a great life and has an amazing owner.

Our current versions of help vary from a home visit to collecting your dog for a day to having your dog stay with us for 2-3 weeks.  Mostly we do this in central Midlands, but as we travel a lot we will consider other areas too.  Our work is very much in real life, although your dog may have to be kennelled, training means out and about.  Your job is to come and do a day at the end.

We have fun on holidays too

If you want to come and do some one to one work, our 3 day option is best.  We do these at our new base on the Lincolnshire /Leicestershire border. You can do some options for one to three days with your dog or a week or two without, with a day training at the end for you.

It won’t be a Dog Borstal tent although some places do have campsites!

We don’t use shock or prong products, we do use body language, games and sometimes homeopathic back up treatments.

Maybe you prefer a few hours in your home, maybe you would like us to take your dog for a day or two and train you at the end?

Read options here 

As someone whose 4 dogs live indoors and sleep in my room with 7 cats, I know how important a loving, affectionate relationship is and good training should not mean you can’t have that too.

Or call us if you have any questions on 0208 1445799

Or email us an enquiry HERE training@safepets.co.uk

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