A 30 year career with dogs and a passion for GSD’s meant it was inevitable that working dogs would become part of my life. I am still filled with awe watching the patrol and sniffer dogs do their thing, but they need help.  Whilst doing this small scale for years, recent news items have shown that many working dogs have no retirement and simply get put to sleep.  How can this be right?

This Daily mirror story of at least 70 Police dogs being put to sleep in last 5 years is exactly why this industry needs help to rehabilitate these dogs


Working dogs have been on my mind a lot lately.  Whilst I have continued, small scale to offer retraining to dogs failing working training or retiring, there are just too many.  It amazes some people that there is no working dog rescue in the UK,  a few rescues have helped, but these dogs often need specialist rehabilitation to be able to go out as a pet.

RIP Shadow

Friends of mine, Graham and Janet have helped enormously over the years with this work.  They adopted Shadow from me several years ago.  A hooligan with a big mouth but never quite right for working, he was rejected by two rescues.  He came to me, had training and was lucky that Graham and Janet liked him!  They gave him the safe life I try to find for all these dogs.  He is on my mind because he was sadly put to sleep a week ago, in happy old age.  He is the proof and the reason I continue to help these dogs.

A great many dogs retire with their handler, but many don’t and I find it amazing that there is no dedicated sponsorship of rehabilitation for the dogs retiring.  The world of working dogs is being asked to sponsor this in return for media attention, moral happiness and safety for their dogs.  Let’s see who does it.

Lots of dogs fail during training and are sold on.  Neither the Police nor private security companies are rescues and the dogs have no protection whatever. I have had to fix many of these problems after selling, some dogs again ended up dead.  Both search dogs (Spaniels, collies, Labs) and Patrol Dogs (GSD’s, Rotties) have all been retrained previously.

Dogs rehomed will be covered under my usual rescue criteria.  They will be neutered, vaccinated, chipped and under a contract.  Homes will be vetted and dogs will come back if necessary.  Donations for adoption are the only way to fund this rehoming.

The rehabilitation and retraining of some of these dogs is time consuming, but dogs like Shadow, my own beloved Poppy and many others are the proof it can be done.

If you are thinking of donating your dog to a working home, you may want to ask them if they are sponsors of us.  Would your dog be safe when its working life is over?

Currently I use a boarding kennels and two experienced fosters but it isn’t enough.  I need to put up a kennel block, relocate to a more Midlands position and set up something permanent and long term and take more dogs for help.

If you want to be involved, sponsor the rescue, donate for a kennel, please contact us on:

Bravo Working Dog Rescue  www.bwdr.co.uk

Email Bravo! click on link or copy info@bwdr.co.uk

Call us on   0208 1445799

Sponsors will have PR help from our fabulous media team who handle press releases, show appearances, radio and TV interviews and bookings.  Sponsors will benefit from positive PR, moral position and website links as well as media mention. 

There are currently two dogs waiting to come in for some help.  If you would like to help our work, this PayPal link is solely for Bravo donations.

please donate here


Larger donations or anyone wishing to take advantage of charity status can make a donation for Bravo to the charity National Animal Sanctuary Support League who support us (charity number 1091345)

Link to the Daily Mail article about MOD dogs being put down after service


We also run a behaviour assessment scheme to help dogs in, needing or to avoid rescue,  For £35 a behaviourist will come and give you advice, the money goes to Bravo, Read Here

About Safepets UK

Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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  1. Jon Utnage says:

    HI, i tried your e-mail but it would not work. I have had GSDs many years prior to the military and while in the military, and after. In all over 50 years, my wife and i just lost a much loved remale and are looking for another. I help run a dog school in Manby Lincolnshire. Can you help are can we help each other?

    • safepets uk says:

      Hi Jon
      apologies I don’t know why the email link isn’t working. There is a 3-4 year old working Police dog looking for a home. He had a shoulder injury which I am told is not an issue as a pet but means he is not fit for work. The dog is in Surrey though.
      If you want information, can you email me some info and contact details please info@bravo.co.uk

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