Fixed price, currently just £35.  For anyone worried whether behaviour therapy can really help, or has lost confidence in their dog, or needs the dog assessing before a rescue can take it, here’s some affordable help.

Many dogs end up in rescue because their owners have no idea what sort of training is available.  Maybe money is an issue in these difficult times, or maybe some think their dog is really beyond help.

In some cases a rescue wants to help you, but isn’t sure whether your dog is one they can safely take on.  In these cases, we can offer an assessment.

You make a donation of £35 to Bravo Working Dog Rescue and we find a behaviourist who will come and see you, assess your dog and give you an opinion.  £5 of this stays with bravo, the rest is offered to the behaviourist for travel costs.

Bravo benefits, and you get some help at a good price.  If you want further help from the trainer, you then pay their normal fees and from then on, it’s an arrangement only between the two of you.

We hope some find out that they can retrain their dog and it can stay with them.  Or maybe it will help some dogs be offered a safe rescue space.

Some people take on a dog honestly, but discover the seller or rehomer has lied or simply not assessed the dog properly. There are bad rescues out there as well as bad breeders, sometimes you meant well, but discover there is a problem you weren’t expecting.

We thank Barkbusters UK for offering cover for places we  don’t have a contact and we are pleased to welcome Japanese Akita Welfare Trust as the first rescue to ask to use the scheme.

Contact us if you would like some information or to book by EMAILING HERE

Click on the logos for websites

If your rescue would like this help, please contact us.  We have sent trainers to foster homes, pounds, private homes and boarding kennels.  Private individuals can also ask for this scheme.

This news story is why I started Bravo and it still doesn’t take into account the hundreds of security company dogs


About safepets uk

Pet training and behaviour company treating cats, dogs and livestock. Range of free advice on website. Covering Midlands to London. Training and behaviour advisers to Pet Education Trust.

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  1. […] see our behaviour assessments for £35 supporting our own Bravo Working Dog Rescue Here Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailLike this:Like2 bloggers like […]

  2. […] And see our £35 assessments supporting our own Bravo Working Dog Rescue HERE […]

  3. […] And see our £35 assessments supporting our own Bravo Working Dog Rescue HERE […]

  4. […] to avoid rescue,  For £35 a behaviourist will come and give you advice, the money goes to Bravo, Read Here Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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