Debbie Connolly is the behaviour Consultant for several rescues and organisations, Bengal Cat Helpline is a special one.  As an owner and rescuer of Bengals, she knows these cats can need very specific behavioural help. Help for Bengals worldwide.

Bengal Cat Rescue was created by Sarah Hopton who for many years rescued and rehomed this fantastic breed.  Sadly a few years ago, after rescuing hundreds, she had to stop rescuing directly although still supports the cats she rehomed.  Rather than not help at all, Sarah changed the rescue to Bengal Cat Helpline and with Debbie, offers advice to owners and buyers to avoid the need for rescue where possible.

Bengals are highly interactive but can be challenging pets.  Sometimes very territorial, they can end up in disputes with their own and neighbours cats.  Early generations can be strong hunters and easily bored, so think carefully whether this breed suits you.

Although now a helpline, Bengal Cat Helpline still gets a lot of enquiries from people wanting cats or needing to rehome.  We offer advice about how to do this and support Bengals in other rescues and in private homes.  We can put you in touch with an independent volunteer who keeps a list of Bengals nationally needing homes.   This list is emailed to anyone interested in adopting a Bengal.

If you need behaviour advice for your cat, we offer a home visit, or an email/phone consult or an advice pack.  Money from the packs and phone consults goes into a fund helping Bengals.  Email us if you wish to make an enquiry.

If you would like to speak to one of our cat clients who has successfully solved her Bengal problems, please ask, customers will be happy to offer you their experiences.

Email HERE our cat advice pack is just £3.99 and covers aggression, toilet problems, roaming, nervous behaviour and stress. Pack available worldwide as sent via email

Call us on 0208 1445799

You can also chat to us via skype either call safepetsuk or chat via skype text

We often have a few Bengals in foster homes needing your support.  if you would like to help, here is our PayPal link for Bengals only.

Also see Bengal Cat Helpline

Join us on our new Facebook group too, Bengal Cat Helpline

About Safepets UK

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