cage_lgpupsPuppy farmers are breeding dogs in cruel, dirty and often illegal conditions and yet the numbers are growing all the time.  Keeping parents in tiny, dark, dirty cages to simply breed over and over to line their pockets.  Producing tens of thousands of pups a year who are often terminally ill or diseased, suffering from severe behaviour problems or simply terrified of a world they don’t see before purchase.  Read these genuine recent cases of buyers who regretted their purchase and the sad deaths of puppies.

DO NOT BUY from pet shops, people selling multiple breeds, people who have the pups in filthy houses or kennels, who have no parents to show you, who offer to meet to handover a puppy or who simply only ask one question….”can you pay in cash?”.  If there were no buyers, there would be no farmers, this is about making money.

Case 1 of a Cavalier bought from an online free ads site

“…..When we got the puppy home it soon became apparent that the dog was extremely ill, I took the dog to the vets and he was given treatment for a severe chest infection, despite our best efforts and treatment from a vet the dog died a couple of days later, I then got back in touch with the breeder and he offered me another dog. However this puppy was not from the same litter and would not be ready to pick up for a couple of weeks, at this point I was still lead to believe that he was breeding these dogs. When I arrived to pick up this other dog I expected to be able to see the puppy with its mother but it soon became apparent that the puppy was just one of many kept in the back of his house, in the space of time I was at the house two separate people arrived at the house to pick up two other puppys both of different breeds. On the table in the living room was a receipt book with literally pages and pages of receipts for puppies that he had sold. I was also informed by the mother of this breeder that she had been very busy dealing with customers buying a lot of puppies over the previous couple of days.
Naively I took the dog that he had offered me to replace the one that had died,
I took this puppy to the vets to be checked over the next day.
This dog was underweight and suffering from extremely infected eyes and ears. He was riddled with fleas and worms and just seemed to have been totally neglected.
I believe this man is running this as a full time business with no interest in the welfare of the dogs and purely for money. There have been adverts posted in this pets4homes website almost weekly for numerous breeds of dogs including cavalier king charles spaniel, bishon frise, Shi Tzu, cavachon s
I have reported this case to the rspca but I was just wondering if there is any more I can do……”

Case 2 of a poor Pug Puppy

“……I wonder if you can help me. I purchased a pug bitch just over 2 months ago from a breeder in MIDDLEWICH. We bought her from preloved. When I went to look at the dog the breeder said that her mum had stood on her when she was a puppy so her leg had a slight dislocation. Her leg was strapped in a small bandage. She ensured me that the vet had said it was nothing to worry about and she will grow out of it.
I believed her stories. The first thing I did when I got the pug was take her to my local vets. When my vets investigated her they said that they would like to see the previous vets details so that they know what treatment bella had received. I rang the breeder and asked for these details she became quite agitated and angry as to why we wanted these.
Nevertheless, we asked our vets to check her over. Our vet wanted to give her an X-ray which cost us over 200 pounds. She also said that she had a urine infection. Bella underwent anaesthetic to have the x ray even though she was just 900 grams and the previous owner had said she had already had her ‘xrayed’. It’s cruel what she has done. The x ray results showed up that there was no dislocation or break. Our vet said straight away that all of her legs look weak and unsteady. When they took the bandage off her leg flops to the side n
Several weeks later after 4 courses of antibiotics bella still has an infection. Her leg still flops. We have taken her to the vets almost every week paying consultation fees every time and buying expensive medication. We have asked the breeder if she will show some courtesy and give us our money back but all she does it get angry, she has even slandered me about my sexuality.
She will not admit that she sold her even though she is deformed. She made money out of a dog that probably should have been put to sleep because the life bella has is very poor. Now I didn’t want to complain about bella but I feel like I’ve been ripped off and having spoke to other breeders they have been fuming and have urged me to so that this breeder is stopped……..”

Both these cases and others have been given advice in confidence about how to take further action against these greedy breeders.  Please fight puppy farming, sign the latest petition, created by TV Vet Marc Abraham and his Pup Aid campaign.


Read the story of a dog saved from a puppy farm and the loved, but sadly short life she finally got


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