Pic courtesy of Be Puppy Farm Aware

Pic courtesy of Be Puppy Farm Aware

So here we are again, the latest programme about the vile trade in puppy farming.  More sad puppies, dogs in concrete cells, pups bought in a lay by. After over 25 years in the pet industry I am utterly appalled we still need these shows.  Not only has it not changed, this greedy trade has grown.  Why?  Because people still buy the pups.  The rules are simple, read them here…. PPPPuppy buying, the 3 “P”‘s of buying a pup.

Questions have to be asked about why these places find it so easy to operate outside of licensing and the law.  The RSPCA are often blamed for not acting, but they have NO powers of entry any more than you or I do.  Without proof, they cannot even apply for a warrant so they can take the police.

We do have adequate laws, but they are not enforced.  People still buy and complain all over facebook, yet when given info as to who to tell that can possibly act, the vast majority don’t.  Without evidence, little can be done.

Buyers need to examine their conscience.  Many buy deliberately as no questions are asked.   Many were turned away by reputable breeders and rescues, a very small percentage were just ignorant or stupid.

With the UK in a dog crisis why aren’t the government listening?  Their only solution?  Compulsory microchipping in a few years, utterly pointless.  Radical change is needed.  All litters should have to have to be registered and that info shared with tax office, benefits, council.  Independent, unannounced inspection of premises, preferably by a vet and a behaviourist who are NOT local to the premises.  Remember a vet is part of the initial inspection for the licensing of these puppy farmers.  So are vets saying no and council licensing anyway?  Or worse?

There are still unanswered questions about how and why these “breeders” grow yearly and so do the outlets selling them on.  Is it really still as simple as educating people?  Or simply banging our heads against a brick wall as the consumer will always want what they want?

I have spoken this week to two programme makers about a different angle to the puppy farm problem, I live in hope that their versions get made.  People are behind this, the breeders, the licensing councils, the advertising sites and the buyers.  They should all be ashamed.

PPPPuppy Buying, the 3 “P”‘s

  • Premises – pups in cages, multiple breeds,  dirty kennels, pups brought out to view individually
  • Paperwork – photocopied vaccinations, no registrations, no contracts, badly written receipts
  • Parents – no parents or a random dog brought out and alleged to be the parent, dogs behind fencing or in kennels who cannot be handled


Channel 5 Show  http://www.channel5.com/shows/cowboy-traders/episodes/puppies


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