choclab1Another sad tale of a now dead puppy bought from a puppy farm outlet.  This company has been selling vast numbers of pups for many years.  This one is in Lincolnshire, there are several others in Lincolnshire, all the same.  You are not saving puppies this way, you are funding cruelty.  Do not buy from these places.

Here is the owners story:
“….we had a little chocolate lab puppy, he wasn’t the runt however first day we had him back he had a choclab2cough, our vet said could be quite common two days later went down with gastroenteritis , he then got diagnosed with chest infection, we got treatments for him after a worrying night in the vets he grew bumps on his nose and ears, we took him to the vets again informing the seller of this, all the while he had blood in his poo, vet said this can be normal in puppies, next we had him in with his ears and a blue hazy eye which they said could be infection but wanted to check on him a week after the following few days his eye got worse so we took him back in, they were worried and contacted the AHT in Newmarket who said he could lose his eye, he deteriorated quickly then and after over 3000 pounds worth of tests found he had distemper and pneumonia, this is all over a three month period. It ripped our family to pieces as he had to be put down, the sellers are claiming they never spoke to us and they need all vet details as I think they are hoping we didn’t act like we did …”
We have given the owner advice, a post mortem is being done so a full vet report can be sent to the authorities. DO NOT BE THE NEXT BUYER.

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  1. Callum Walker says:

    We bought a chocolate labrador from Little Rascals last year and he had to be put down at 9 months old. He came with campylobacter and gardia (disgusting runny, bloody diarrhoea the moment we got home), and was later diagnosed with hip dysplasia and bladder/bowel problems. We took them to the small claims court eventually after their repeated refusal to give a refund. They finally settled out of court, refunding us for the cost of the puppy, but refusing to pay the costs of his euthanasia on the grounds that our insurance would have covered it!! (I’ve never known any pet insurance cover euthanasia!!) Disgusting place – no care or concern for the on-going care of their puppies. We later asked a friend to contact them about a new litter of chocolate labradors to ask them if they had any known history of previous problems with their labradors. Little Rascals replied saying that they had had “no problems at all” with their labradors in the past, which was a complete and utter lie, as we had made them aware of our dogs problems at every stage.

    • safepets uk says:

      Callum thank you for sharing your sad story. Readers PLEASE do not buy from these places. A journalist from a national tabloid is doing a story with our help NOW. Callum, if you would like to talk to them, please get in touch with us.

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