Family in autumnMedia reports of people, especially children being injured or killed by dogs is something we all dread and wish we could stop. Sadly these incidents seem to be becoming more common.  Various advisory panels have been set up to advise the government about dog ownership and it seems all the Government have come up with is to introduce compulsory microchipping soon. We are starting an investigation into the cause. Please help us to investigate.

How compulsory microchipping is expected to help when many chipped dogs already go unclaimed because they are not proof of ownership and bad owners just say they sold the dog on, I don’t know.  How does a domesticated pet become an animal that kills or injures someone?  Why don’t we know?

Sadly this new case of a baby killed by a dog in Lancashire has made the news today (11th February 2014)
Our condolences to anyone affected by these tragedies.

Another new case, RIP Eliza-Mae Martha Mullane, died in Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire today.  I know the area well and some of the people affected by this tragedy. (18th February 2014)

How do domestic family pets who live intimately in our homes kill or injure humans?  Who, if anyone, is to blame?  Are the Police and councils doing enough when a report is made? Are owners being responsible enough? Is it ever the victim’s fault?

I have written before of the need for full investigations into attacks, to understand the reasons and the background of the dog. To see whether a lack of training or neutering is the problem, to understand the warning signs that were missed, to grasp the human behaviour that might trigger an attack.

To be able to create effective policy for the law makers and councils, we need to know the reasons.  A questionnaire has been created for the owners of dogs who have bitten or threatened to, and for the victims of these sad incidents. Personal information on these forms is totally confidential, and is used only to ensure you are a real person.

Our sincere condolences go to those injured and the family and friends of those injured or even tragically killed.  We realise asking for such sensitive information may cause some pain, but without it, we can do nothing to try and stop it happening again.

If you own a dog that has bitten or threatened or hurt someone, or if you are the victim of a dog bite, threat or attack, please ask for a copy of our questionnaire.

The result of all the information is hoped to be a report outlining the real situation out there, whether breed, age, neutering, bad rescue or buying behaviour is a factor.  Whether a lack of training or behaviour support at the right time was a reason or did owners miss the warning signs?

Please send a message using the form below if you would like a copy of the questionnaire and whether you are an owner or a victim of an incident.  ALL personal information is entirely confidential and will not be part of the final report.

Please share this as much as possible, we also go to national press shortly. We will email you a copy of the form.  Alternatively you can email us directly using and we will send you a copy, or via post if you send us an address.

Thank you.

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Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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  1. […] Last night, episode 1 of a two part documentary was broadcast, supposedly looking at the rise in dog attacks. In the few weeks leading up to it, the researchers contacted me several times as I am conducting an investigation into dog bites. See the Dog Bite Investigation page here […]

  2. mamamorty says:

    A friend of mine owns a dog who is not great with other dogs…. not horrendous (i walk my dog with her) but not great so she walks after dark with the dog on a lead. last night she was walking in a very narrow alleyway (2 people would struggle to fit) when a ,man with 2 dogs appears. My friend’s dog starts to bark but rather than let her get out of the alley he darts in squeezing her into a tight spot. her dog lunged, the collar snapped and it grabbed hold of one of the dogs and shook it…. the dog was not badly hurt fortunately but they turned up at her house when she was alone demanding money for vets bills and claiming to have called the police…. I’m not convinced because they haven’t presented an invoice but my friend is terrified of losing her much loved family pet because one person decided to put the dog in an impossible situation… is there anything she can do?

    • safepets uk says:

      At the moment the DDA doesn’t cover a dog on dog incident. A person has to have felt threatened or been injured for the police to act. I would be asking for the vet’s details or as you say, a copy of the bill for a start. If they did speak to police they may well have been told that there is no action can be taken and so are trying it on. Personally I’d ask them for their name and address, the vet’s details and I would speak to the police before doing anything. I think, if there was vet treatment, then she should pay the bill.

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