bravo-logo-newWe have run our own rescue for at least 20 years.  Now we urgently need your help. As behaviourists, we have tried to take the difficult to place dogs into rescue for rehab before homing.  The biters and the fighters that nobody can help.  We have always specialised in the working breeds, GSD’s, Rotties, etc that we own personally and love so much.  This led into working homes and working opportunities as some of these dogs, including many gun dog breeds, need a job.

Have you ever wondered who can help the dogs who make serious mistakes?  Or what happens to retiring police or security dogs?

Please read this, One dog is already pts and three more need help urgently to save them and offer them rehab with us.

Finding safe homes, handlers and companies is not easy.  Some still use shock and prong collars, cruel, heavy handed training and a couldn’t care less attitude to their retiring dog.  Some are kind, fair, sensible trainers whose old dogs live by the fire in retirement.  This applies to Police as well as private security.

Many people don’t want to put down their dog but can’t offer the training, or feel their home isn’t right.  Spaces for dogs without issues are hard to find, spaces for dogs with issues are rare indeed.


Poppy- put 2 people in hospital, lived out her life as a much loved pet

Apart from helping naughty, high drive adolescent dogs to find a safe working home, we have taken many dogs whose only other option is to be put to sleep.  We also take retiring working dogs and rehabilitate them back into pet retirement homes.

Several years ago, circumstances offered us the chance to set up a Wales office which became our main rescue point.  Although still covering everywhere we can, we had the use of a kennel block as a back up for the initial safety of difficult cases.  We were told at the end of last year we would lose this block to redevelopment this year and so we started a fundraising campaign to raise £5,000 for a few kennels for a new location.  We need to be back in central England.

Rocky, bit 3 family members, went on to be a Police dog

Rocky, bit 3 family members, went on to be a Police dog

Dogs make mistakes because of a mixture of reasons.  bad breeding, no socialisation or training, bad experiences, cruelty, neglect or illness.  To be dead because of human blame or error we do not think is acceptable and therefore chose to make these dogs our focus.

Some of the industry is against our opposition to shock and prong collars and so mainly won’t help with funds with a couple of exceptions.  the amazing 1st Reaction Security in Northants and several individual handlers in various places.

Unfortunately, we were told this month that we lose the kennels at the end of April.  We currently have large boarding bills as 2 dogs had to go into boarding immediately.  Our

Annie, a Springer who hated visitors, became a drugs search dog

Annie, a Springer who hated visitors, became a drugs search dog

waiting list of urgent cases is 3 dogs.  All have aggression issues, but we can’t take them as we cannot guarantee safety for them or our staff once the kennels go.  There was a 4th, his owners put him to sleep, another is desperate, every rescue she has asked has turned the dog away as he has bitten her daughter.

We are aware that every rescue, everywhere you look is appealing.  We rarely do so.  No posts all over facebook or

Max, killed 2 small dogs and severely bit his owner.  returned home happily.

Max, killed 2 small dogs and severely bit his owner. returned home happily.

twitter with photos of neglected dogs appealing for vets or kennel fees, we pay them ourselves from fundraising, from our training work and from customers.  We often cannot put the dogs on the website as we have to guarantee anonymity to some handlers who have given us dogs supposed to be pts.

We’ve featured a few dogs here who were saved because this help was available.

Please share our fundraising appeal, we have had 2 offers of properties, but cannot risk a lease until we know we can get kennels up.

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far, and those still doing so.  People donating receive discounts on our training services.


Our Appeal is here


About Safepets UK

Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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