bravo-logo-newI have run my own rescue for many years, specialising in the bigger and more difficult dogs and problems.  Offering specialist rehab and rehoming.  Out of this, came opportunities to make good contacts in the world of working dogs.

We were always helping retiring and failed working dogs to go into a pet retirement or into a safe, working home.  The numbers of this increased until we decided to give this rescue its own identity.  So Bravo Working Dog Rescue was born a couple of years ago.

We now need your help urgently.

poppymemesmlrUntil April we had the use of a kennel block, but were told earlier in the year that site development meant we would lose it, which happened in April.  A few months ago we started a fund raising effort to raise £5,000 for kennels.  This has gone slowly, but we thank Five Mile Media for their amazing efforts to keep money coming in.

These hero dogs keep your world safe, track lost people, find drugs, guns and explosives.  Catch your criminals,  allow you to fly safely and protect your workplaces.  Too many now are sold or put to sleep on retirement, we feel this is wrong.

We have found a property to lease long term which is perfect for us to run and extend the rescue work. This fund is now urgent, we need your help.

Please share this, any donation helps us to help the dogs.

Foster homes, adopters, fundraisers and volunteers are always needed.  Please see our full website for information.

We also help, young dogs with issues to find a working home where appropriate and offer various help packages for dogs who have been adopted from other rescues, dogs looking for rescue space who need assessment and imported dogs.  Our main scheme offers a cheap behaviour assessment in your home that means you can get some advice for a cheap price, which comes to us as a donation.





About Safepets UK

Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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