cage_lgpupsCongratulations to Pup Aid anti puppy farming campaign for getting today’s milestone Parliamentary debate on puppy farming.  This huge achievement has taken a lot of work via a petition to force the government to listen.  Puppy farming and back yard breeding brings thousands of pups into the world for profit, many living short, pain filled lives.

The sale of these puppies is UK wide.  Any pet shop, garden centre or kennels selling multiple breeds of cats and dogs with no parents is selling puppy farmed and back yard bred pups. Some litters are sold from private homes, bought specifically to sell and to fool buyers.  Fake mums are often used, fraudulent paperwork and many lies told.

If you buy you are NOT “rescuing” a pup, you are funding cruelty and you are why this still continues.

Dogs share a unique and intimate life with humans.  Sleeping in our homes, on our beds.  Playing with our children, going on holiday, they are a family member that deserves respect.  To buy from someone who is selling pets bred in cruelty, with health and temperament problems is both irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Puppies and kittens bred badly carry hereditary and acquired disease.  Their parents live in unimaginable cruelty, deprived of contact, basic comfort and often daylight.  They are often killed on site when unable to breed, the pups moved too young with no social skills. 

There is an underlying problem of bad dog ownership behind this too.  Dogs are easy to get, dumped with no comeback, poor laws, no breeding regulations and serious issues ensuing.  Where do you think the dogs that kill and injure people come from?

What do we need?  What can we hope comes out of this?  That the sale of puppies and kittens is banned from shops.  That none are sold without the Mum being shown and no younger than 8 weeks old. That imported foreign pups for sale here are banned. That breeding without health testing first is banned. That all dogs bred are traceable back to their breeder.  That a passport type document for every dog is introduced.  That no pup is delivered without the buyer visiting the breeder.  That’s just for a start.

Not everyone agrees with this though.  The Pet Charity feels this action is wrong

The main thing we need is for you to STOP BUYING.  No sales, no breeding.  Please buy responsibly.

On 8th September in Primrose Hill, London, Pup Aid has it’s annual celebrity judged pet show.






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  1. jenny says:

    their this farmer he is using his premises for puppy farming the condition’s are disgusting. I have reported them to the RSPCA I have also reported him to the council the council have confirmed they will be keeping the case open . I have also reported him to HMRC for tax fraud has the greedy little rat has not declared the income he has made . he as no feelings for the welfare or feelings for these dogs . he breed with the bitch knowing it had only bin a few months since the bitch had her first litter . she didn’t even have time to recovery poor thing . these farms make me sick . they only care about profit and not the interest or welfare for the dogs
    it about time the Government change the law and put a stop to theses dirty puppy framers .

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