Rob Flello MP and animal welfare supporter

Rob Flello MP and animal welfare supporter

Despite many politicians being bombarded with ideas and requests from dog owners and professionals, the laws never seem to change to something we all want.  With an election looming, what do dog owners really think is needed to protect dogs and the public?  Will any parties follow through on election promises or really change the lives of animals in this country?

From conversations with clients and colleagues, there seems to be a common list:

  • Legal ownership to be determined by microchip or a new document like a passport and for this to be a legal requirement for rehoming or resale of dogs.
  • The ending of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) so breeds are not blamed, bad owners are.
  • Punishments for animal abuse to be made more punitive and more prison sentences and bans.
  • National database of banned and convicted owners.
  • Ethical standards set and enforceable for rescues.
  • No puppies or kittens to be sold by pet stores or individuals that have bought for resale.
  • Breeders to be inspected by an independent team of vets and behaviourists and unannounced.
  • All dogs tested for hereditary problems prior to breeding.
  • Proper enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act to stop puppy farming, back yard breeders and general curelty.
  • Microchip scanning of deceased pets by road or rail accidents .

Has your MP signed up to their party manifesto on animals?  Are you voting for an individual MP that has never supported animal welfare changes or even bothered to go to parliament?

This is an opportunity to make sure that your MP and party is going to help animals.  Do ask your preferred party what they intend to do and if they support the ideas above before you give them your vote.

Are there other things you’d like to see on this list?

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