skynews1404 The Sky News special report of 12th April caused uproar in the dog world.  They had spent time with the Status Dog Unit and accompanied the dog handlers on various dog seizures.  Sky News interviewed Debbie Connolly, Dog Behaviourist and court Expert Witness, about this statistic.


In this video, Debbie talks about the 300 dogs, pointing out that they have not all done anything wrong. She also talks about her role when dogs are seized and go to court and what dog lovers think about the law.  Debbie has also started a petition to keep dogs involved in fatalities and serious injuries alive to assess properly to determine the real reasons for the attack.


If you feel strongly that the law should be changed, talk to your MP, many support it.  Make sure only facts are repeated.  There is no DNA test to identify a “Pit Bull Type” dog.  Only dogs that the court has accepted are Pit Bull Type and have been registered with the exempt register are legally owned.  If you neuter, chip, insure your illegal breed but don’t go to court it is still NOT legally owned.  The Police cannot seize your dog and destroy it UNLESS you sign a disclaimer to allow that to happen.  They can hold your dog until the case is finished.

If you are in trouble over a DDA offence, we can give you some basic free advice, recommend a solicitor and point you in the right direction.  Whether you like the law or not, it is the law and we have to work within it.

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