The sad story of a 12 day old baby killed by a dog has hit the news.  Not much information yet, but it appears that the parents have been arrested and it was their dog.  South Yorkshire Police are investigating as this happened in Doncaster.

I have given many interviews to TV and radio about fatal dog attacks.  I believe the dogs should be assessed alive to properly determine the trigger.  I have chased and pestered government for proper investigation for years.

When the EFRA committee looked at the Dangerous Dogs Act and invited submissions in 2018 and reported in 2019 nothing changed.  My submission mentioned the contact I had had with the family of the child in one fatal attack, the lack of interest by then Minister George Eustice MP and his ridiculous  “coroners can determine the reason” for attacks.  He even cited a case whose family were the ones I had contact with and they did not agree.  That family waited several years, thinking that the coroner’s slamming of the rescue and lack of safety would be acted upon.  That something would come from this child’s death.  I had to break the news to them it had not been and never would be.

Opportunities for education are missed and until these dogs and the situations are properly investigated, this will continue.

There could be any number of reasons why this happened and that needs proper determination.

If you want to read my EFRA submission, click here:  

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