RBU – Rescue Back Up, Good Practice

Family in autumnRescue Back Up or “RBU” is a term used all over social media to indicate that a rescue is needed to step up as a back up to protect a dog that is going into foster or a home. It seems to have become a badge of glory, with rescues offering RBU in high profile cases, which is non existent come the crisis they are meant to be there for. Continue reading

Dogs Trust Investigation, Illegal puppy smuggling trade

cage_lgpupsToday the Dogs Trust released the results of an undercover investigation into the illegal smuggling of puppies into the UK.  Film of the puppies is similar to that seen in other investigations yet the trade is increasing. A ban on 3rd party puppy sales is being pushed for by TV vet Marc Abraham and his #wheresmum campaign.  Yet Dogs Trust opposed calls for a ban on 3rd party sales.  Continue reading

Dogs Shot by Police in Bolton and Kent

Police carGreater Manchester Police yesterday  shot 2 dogs dead, injured a third which escaped and seized 2 dogs.  All were with a man who earlier had the dogs off lead in a park and there is  short clip of them running at people outside a cafe, some barking and biting a woman and a man.  It isn’t clear how bad the injuries were, but the owner’s behaviour is disturbing. Within 2 days Kent Police shot a dog that had grabbed a toddler by the head and caused serious injuries. Continue reading

Fatal Dog Attacks Need Better Investigation

tiggerchairAnother death caused by a dog bite, the tragic death of Mario Perivoitos, bitten in front of 2 BBC documentary film makers has again highlighted the need for full investigations. I have long campaigned for live assessments of dogs involved in tragic deaths to be able to properly determine the triggers and causes. PLEASE READ TO END AND SIGN THE PETITION.

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Kyle Files, TV Responsibility for Dog Bites

Kylefiles-cropLast night on ITV the latest episode of “The Kyle Files” was broadcast, on the subject of dangerous dogs. I had an interest in this as I am an expert witness,  assessing dogs in bite cases for court.  I also had numerous calls from the production team for 2 months trying to find something they wanted to film.  They assured me this would not be just another show about pit bulls.  Sadly I think it was. Continue reading

Rescue Rules, good practice

3gsdLast year I spoke with Vicky, the great Aunt of Lexi Branson, sadly killed by an unassessed dog rehomed with no advice or homecheck.  The coroner identified some areas of concern regarding this type of rehoming. Two years on her family were horrified to discover from our conversation that nothing had been, or would be done to protect people in the future.  I had already written to George Eustice MP about the need for a live behaviour assessment on dogs who kill or seriously hurt people.  Mr Eustice’s response is here:

2015-09-scan-reply-george-eustice-dangerous-dogs Continue reading

Pets or Pawns? Using Pets to Control Partners

Beachside Stroll

Having pets can enhance a couple’s relationship.  But sometimes the pet becomes a pawn in a power struggle between adults. I have seen many cases of hidden agendas between people who use their dog to control their partner.

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Lies, Cons and Private Dog Sales

ebtThe last week has brought a larger than usual set of calls and messages from people who bought or were given a dog from a private seller/owner.  They happen frequently, but suddenly there’s more.  I don’t know whether the change to compulsory microchipping is behind it as many turn out to not be chipped.

Whatever the reason, both sellers and buyers do some really crazy and dangerous things. How can you avoid the pitfalls of private sellers who lie?  Or buyers who lie about their circumstances? Or disreputable rescues? Continue reading

Met Police Seize 300 Illegal Breeds under Dangerous Dogs Act

skynews1404 The Sky News special report of 12th April caused uproar in the dog world.  They had spent time with the Status Dog Unit and accompanied the dog handlers on various dog seizures.  Sky News interviewed Debbie Connolly, Dog Behaviourist and court Expert Witness, about this statistic.

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My dog has bitten, the Police seized my dog

The biggest fear of many dog owners is that of their dog scaring or biting someone and the police taking it away.  We have done many behaviour assessments for court cases relating to the Dangerous Dogs Act and if you are in trouble, here is some advice.  Whether an owner or a victim, please ask for help.

DDA changes 13th May 2014 incorporated, last update April 2021

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