SafePets UK was founded by Animal Behaviourist Debbie Connolly who is the behaviour consultant for several rescues.  With her team, Clare, Angie and Ella, and her wonderful Management, Pink Croc Media, she works as a behaviourist solving the problems of pets and livestock. Read on to find out more about us, or see Prices & Courses for a simple list of options.

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Photo, Rebecca Haddell

photo Rebecca Hadell

Debbie Connolly has many media and magazine credits, including TV’s “Dog Borstal” and “Britain’s Most Embarrassing Pets”.  She created Bravo Working Dog Rescue to help the many failed and retiring Police and security dogs back to a safe pet home.

You can email us on  or phone on 0208 1445799

From August 2014 we have a new base on the Lincolnshire/Leicestershire border.   Home visits, office consultations and residential breaks will all be done from this new site.  A central location offers us the chance to extend help to many more people as well as expanding our Bravo Working Dog Rescue rehab.

An advocate of responsible pet ownership and breeding, she set up and gives talks and demonstrations at many shows about pet and child safety issues. She leads the advisory panel for Pet Education Trust.


[----]-Bengal-Cat-Helpline-v2 Debbie Connolly is the behaviour consultant for Bengal Cat Proud-Members-BadgeHelpline and is a full member of the Pet Professionals Guild of Force Free Trainers


Her first book, “Better Dog Behaviour” published March 2011 by Constable Robinson is a funny, helpful and provoking book talking as much about the owners as the dogs.  The second book  “Better Cat Behaviour” is due out in December 2012.

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Categories on the left will lead you to lots of help and advice, or email us with your question.  Whether you have a cat or dog problem, ask for help.

see Prices & Courses for a simple list of options

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  2. carol ramach says:

    My female bengel hates everyone

  3. Christine King says:

    We have an amazing border collie who unfortunately bit a child in May of this year as you can imagine we as owners were traumatised that he had done this. Straight away we enrolled him in behaviour school and started muzzle training him as we never wanted anything like this to ever happen again, 6 weeks later our beloved dog was seized under a court warrant and was kept in kennels for 11 weeks until it went to court. We can never repay Debbie for all her support in the 17 weeks it took for the nightmare to be over, her unlimited telephone advise, dog assessment and court appearance was a huge relief to us as a family.
    Thank you so much we can never repay you for helping us get our beloved dog back.
    Christine and Gary King
    South Wales

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