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Welcome old and new customers, friends and colleagues.  In this blog, Debbie  Connolly, our founder, will chat, pass on comments and  stories and the rest of us staff and helpers will tell you all about our work and what we can do to help you.

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From our East Midlands base we help people with cat and dog behaviour problems. 

Debbie Connolly is also an expert witness and gives evidence in court after assessing dogs involved in bite incidents. Initial free advice is available just contact us.

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Fatal Dog Attacks – Why Do They Happen?

MDHB2 So far in 2021 there have been 2 people killed by dogs.  One was a dog someone took in with a bit of an unknown history that went upstairs to the young woman and fatally injured her.  2 days ago, Good Friday, an 85 year old lady was killed in her own garden by her next-door neighbour’s 2 dogs.  It seems they got through a hole or weak fence point and attacked her in her own garden.  Horrible, tragic and unnecessary.  There will likely be more, why is this still happening? Continue reading

CPD for those involved with dogs seized by Police

#778666I have spent the last 2-3 years helping police and kennels to improve standards for the care of seized dogs.  As an expert witness, assessing dogs for court cases and doing in excess of 40 cases a year, I spend a lot of time in this field.  I have created a new company “DogLine” offering certified CPD courses for Police, owners, walkers, kennel staff and others. Continue reading

Reactive Dogs – What is Over-Threshold?

smallaggressivedogYou may hear the words over or under threshold used when a dog is reactive to a stimulus or trigger.  But what does this term mean and how can you help a reactive dog? 

Can the reaction be different in different circumstances and what is “trigger stacking”? Continue reading

Baby Dies after Dog Incident in Doncaster

The sad story of a 12 day old baby killed by a dog has hit the news.  Not much information yet, but it appears that the parents have been arrested and it was their dog.  South Yorkshire Police are investigating as this happened in Doncaster. Continue reading

Dog Walkers and Dog Bites Advice

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am an expert witness, I assess dogs involved in bite/injury incidents, assess and bring a report to court and give evidence. Increasingly I am seeing dog walkers, professionals or just friends helping out, end up charged for an incident and misunderstanding the law.  Here is some advice. Continue reading

Dangerous Dogs Act Help

The Dangerous Dogs Act can be confusing and although not a definitive guide or a substitute for legal advice, this gives you an idea how the investigation will happen. Contact us if you need advice.

Continue reading

Is My Dog a Pitbull?

The Dangerous Dogs Act bans 4 breeds; Pit Bull Terrier, Fila Brasiliero, Japanese Tosa and Dogo Argentino. The main one people see and read about is the Pit Bull.

How does the law decide if a dog is one of the 4 banned breeds? Read more to understand.

Continue reading

Appealing a Dog Destruction Order

jenson1This Labrador dog was given a destruction order under the Dangerous Dogs Act after 3 bite incidents.  After completing a period of residential training with us, returning to his owners who then proved that they could also reproduce the new behaviour, I gave evidence in court based on my report and we successfully had the order changed to a contingency destruction order.  An important case for anyone in the same position. Updated June 2019 Continue reading

RBU – Rescue Back Up, Good Practice

Family in autumnRescue Back Up or “RBU” is a term used all over social media to indicate that a rescue is needed to step up as a back up to protect a dog that is going into foster or a home. It seems to have become a badge of glory, with rescues offering RBU in high profile cases, which is non existent come the crisis they are meant to be there for. Continue reading

Dogs Trust Investigation, Illegal puppy smuggling trade

cage_lgpupsToday the Dogs Trust released the results of an undercover investigation into the illegal smuggling of puppies into the UK.  Film of the puppies is similar to that seen in other investigations yet the trade is increasing. A ban on 3rd party puppy sales is being pushed for by TV vet Marc Abraham and his #wheresmum campaign.  Yet Dogs Trust opposed calls for a ban on 3rd party sales.  Continue reading