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Bring Back the Dog Licence?

dogfieldThe rise in fatal dog attacks over the last couple of years has resulted in calls to bring back the dog licence. As someone who vaguely remembers it, I don’t recommend it.  It was pointless.

When microchipping dogs became compulsory in 2016 it was hailed by the government as one method to control dangerous dogs and strays.  It has done nothing of the kind. Continue reading

Fatal Dog Attack, Surrey


There has sadly been another fatal dog attack to start 2023.  The full story is not yet known but it appears the victim was a dog walker with 8 dogs and was attacked by one or more of them.  It has made the public more aware of dog walker employment but the reality is this likely could have been anyone.

See my ITV Good Morning Britain Interview  HERE

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Rehoming or Adopting a Dog

rescue dogsIt seems in 2022 that far more people are needing to rehome their dogs. There are risks involved in both selling your dog or finding a home, or not realising the rescue you use is not reputable. A new dog wherever it came from needs time to settle and to feel secure.


Why are there so many Fatal dog attacks?

The latest sad fatality caused by dogs is again in Merseyside, this time in Vauxhall.  I am a dog behaviourist and an expert witness, assessing dogs for court in bite incidents.  The number of fatal dog attacks in the last 2 years is terrifying.  Uncounted are the many very serious attacks. Why is this happening? Continue reading

Fatal Dog Attack St Helens, Merseyside

The latest sad tragic news story of a baby killed by a dog is the second such fatality this year. In the last 12 months this is the second fatal attack on a child by a dog recently bought by the family. What should you be looking at if you buy or adopt a dog?


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Dog on Dog attacks

Jack Russell Terrier SnarlingDog on dog attacks seem to be a frequent and growing problem.  Dogs injured and even killed by loose dogs.  Terrible and traumatic things to see that devastate families.

It seems that little can be done, it is a civil matter in most cases and Police will not get involved. There are routes that can be taken though. 

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Fatal Dog Attacks – Why Do They Happen?

MDHB2 So far in 2021 there have been 2 people killed by dogs.  One was a dog someone took in with a bit of an unknown history that went upstairs to the young woman and fatally injured her.  2 days ago, Good Friday, an 85 year old lady was killed in her own garden by her next-door neighbour’s 2 dogs.  It seems they got through a hole or weak fence point and attacked her in her own garden.  Horrible, tragic and unnecessary.  There will likely be more, why is this still happening? Continue reading

CPD for those involved with dogs seized by Police

#778666I have spent the last 2-3 years helping police and kennels to improve standards for the care of seized dogs.  As an expert witness, assessing dogs for court cases and doing in excess of 40 cases a year, I spend a lot of time in this field.  I have created a new company “DogLine” offering certified CPD courses for Police, owners, walkers, kennel staff and others. Continue reading

Reactive Dogs – What is Over-Threshold?

smallaggressivedogYou may hear the words over or under threshold used when a dog is reactive to a stimulus or trigger.  But what does this term mean and how can you help a reactive dog? 

Can the reaction be different in different circumstances and what is “trigger stacking”? Continue reading

Baby Dies after Dog Incident in Doncaster

The sad story of a 12 day old baby killed by a dog has hit the news.  Not much information yet, but it appears that the parents have been arrested and it was their dog.  South Yorkshire Police are investigating as this happened in Doncaster. Continue reading