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Welcome old and new customers, friends and colleagues.  In this blog, Debbie  Connolly, our founder, will chat, pass on comments and  stories and the rest of us staff and helpers will tell you all about our work and what we can do to help you.

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From August 2014 we have a new base on the Lincolnshire/Leicestershire border.   Home visits, office consultations and residential breaks will all be done from this new site.  A central location offers us the chance to extend help to many more people as well as expanding our Bravo Working Dog Rescue rehab.

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Pets or Pawns? Using Pets to Control Partners

Beachside Stroll

Having pets can enhance a couple’s relationship.  But sometimes the pet becomes a pawn in a power struggle between adults. I have seen many cases of hidden agendas between people who use their dog to control their partner.

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Lies, Cons and Private Dog Sales

ebtThe last week has brought a larger than usual set of calls and messages from people who bought or were given a dog from a private seller/owner.  They happen frequently, but suddenly there’s more.  I don’t know whether the change to compulsory microchipping is behind it as many turn out to not be chipped.

Whatever the reason, both sellers and buyers do some really crazy and dangerous things. How can you avoid the pitfalls of private sellers who lie?  Or buyers who lie about their circumstances? Or disreputable rescues? Continue reading

Met Police Seize 300 Illegal Breeds under Dangerous Dogs Act

skynews1404 The Sky News special report of 12th April caused uproar in the dog world.  They had spent time with the Status Dog Unit and accompanied the dog handlers on various dog seizures.  Sky News interviewed Debbie Connolly, Dog Behaviourist and court Expert Witness, about this statistic.

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My dog has bitten, the Police seized my dog

The biggest fear of many dog owners is that of their dog scaring or biting someone and the police taking it away.  We have done several behaviour assessments for court cases relating to the Dangerous Dogs Act and if you are in trouble, here is some advice.  Don’t panic. We have also successfully fought cases where tenants were told by Housing Associations or Councils that their dogs has to go after behaviour complaints.

DDA changes 13th May 2014 incorporated, last update February 2016

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DDA Assessments, Court Expert Witness, Dog Bites

MDHB2I returned to doing Court Expert Witness work last year after relocating centrally.  I feel strongly that dogs involved in bite incidents need full assessment and support.  Owners can easily be misled or misinformed by Police and other owners and a dog’s life could be at risk.  What exactly do Expert Witnesses do?  Here’s an explanation: Continue reading

Tragic Fatal Dog Attack in Preston

Houses-of-ParliamentWe start 2016 with the sad news of another death caused by a dog. The tragic loss of a young man, Liam Hewitson is also a story of families breeding and owning Pit Bull type dogs and the potential cause being a dog reacting to an epileptic seizure. Continue reading

Appealing a Dog Destruction Order

jenson1This Labrador dog was given a destruction order under the Dangerous Dogs Act after 3 bite incidents.  After completing a period of residential training with us, returning to his owners who then proved that they could also reproduce the new behaviour, I gave evidence in court based on my report and we successfully had the order changed to a contingency destruction order.  An important case for anyone in the same position. Continue reading

Britain’s Got Talent, Matisse the Collie

matisse-stunt-double-mainI don’t watch BGT, I find a lot of it cruel and uncomfortable.  I couldn’t ignore the winner this year as it hasn’t been out of the papers.Jules O’Dwyer and her dogs won BGT but were billed as “Jules and Matisse”. Does this win really justify death threats and over 1000 complaints to Ofcom?  Petitions to rob them of the title? It’s just a dog doing tricks on TV isn’t it?  Some people think not. Continue reading

Residential Dog Training

obigardenstand2-cropResidential dog training should offer your dog the chance to have behaviour therapy as well as obedience training. This balance is not offered by some companies who only offer obedience help entirely on their own premises.  In most cases, owners are looking to be able to walk safely in public with unknown people and dogs and to enjoy a normal life.

Ask the right questions before paying for this type of training.  Where will the training be done?  Are there previous clients you can talk to?  Is handover done in real life or only in their training field?  What ongoing support is there?  Will shock or prong collars be used?  Will you get a training plan to follow at home? Continue reading

Pet Charter, Improving Animal Welfare Laws

Rob Flello MP and animal welfare supporter

Rob Flello MP and animal welfare supporter

Despite many politicians being bombarded with ideas and requests from dog owners and professionals, the laws never seem to change to something we all want.  With an election looming, what do dog owners really think is needed to protect dogs and the public?  Will any parties follow through on election promises or really change the lives of animals in this country? Continue reading