Firstly we want to be clear that Debbie Connolly, our founder has worked alongside Police, Security and other working handlers for many years.  We have helped lots of dogs make a safe transition into or out of working homes.  To this end, after years of doing this, we created Bravo Working Dog Rescue this year to formalise this work.  Whilst a few companies have supported this work, many, including Police have continued dangerous rehoming practises.

There have been several cases in just the last 3 months that concern us.  A firearms support dog retiring, given to a lurcher rescue (?) for rehoming after the force in question saw them fundraising outside a supermarket.  Yes, that’s how they chose them to rehome THREE retiring dogs at once.  Despite a serious incident when a dog was with the rescue, they have all continued with this, even though I drew the force’s attention to my rescue.  The RSPCA are interested in looking into this.

Another has an entire 3 year old dog who is retiring due to injury.  The force has rehomed him twice already, he is not castrated and even though this force knows we have a retired handler looking for a pet dog, has refused to hand over the dog or get him castrated.

A third is a security company retiring a Springer aged 9.  He is still a lively dog, has never lived indoors, has already been passed on twice and still they won’t let us have the dog as they preferred to sell him.

Add to that a Rottie we recently had to help get back that had gone from a rescue to a guy claiming to be a security dog handler and trainer.  He was not trained or qualified in dog handling and therefore not insured either.  He took the dog from rescue, attempted to train it then thankfully was spotted when selling it.  It was easy to check he had lied about his qualifications, so why wasn’t this done before he was given the dog?

We must stress here that many private security companies have properly trained and qualified dog handing staff.  But there are still too many conning people.  Many Police Forces have dogs that retire happily with handlers, but some don’t.

If you are a rescue or a private individual thinking of donating a dog to Police or security, please check them out thoroughly.  There are individuals, companies and forces we would not recommend and many we would.  We can at least give you advice that help you to decide what to ask and whether your dog is safe for a lifetime.

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  1. diane brown says:

    I have a 18 monrh old bitch german shepard very loving my husband works long hours now we have three children but its cruel to say we dnt have the time to take her for walks she seems to be getting frustrated not being able to be around other people and dogs when she is around people she can be a bit nippie she is very protective over us as a family am afraid if I dont get her rehomed soon to someone has time to train her an love her I would have to take her the pound this is something I dont want to do could anyone please help me thank u

    • safepets uk says:

      I’m not sure why you posted this here? Do you think she might make a suitable Police dog? If so, ask your local force to come and test her. If she came from a good breeder, they will take her back themselves. The behaviour can be sorted out so you can keep her if you were looking for training help?

  2. Judith hughes says:

    Hi my is judith hughes, I would like to donate my dog to become a police dog. His name is bare, he is about 10 months old, he has lots of energy and I don’t have enough time for him as I have three children. He would make a excellent police dog.

  3. Yvonne flynn says:

    Hi i have a german shepherd bitch. Blue and tan 12 mth old named beauty. She belonged to my sister who paid £550.00 for her, she realised she could’nt manage her due to beauty being naughty. I have a g.s.d zeus who is 4yr old already. Beauty has papers. She is a lovely girl but naughty. I dont want anyone to have her due to the cruelty most owners do.
    I am willing to döate my dog to the police if they are interested. Thank you

    • safepets uk says:

      Hi Yvonne, the best thing to start with is to approach your local force and ask if they are interested. They would then send out a dog handler to have a look and do a basic test to see if she has any ability. If she has, then they would arrange to move her to the dog school to do further assessment. If she has no natural drive, then that would be the same with any force. In which case asking her breeder to help would be the next sensible step. If your force isn’t looking, try the surrounding counties. Good luck

  4. Sharronn Eufemio says:

    I have a male golden lab 16 months old i would like to give him up for training our family life has become so busy he needs more stimulation

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I have a 6-7 week old Rottweiler/ lab mix that is female. She is going to get to big for our apartment. She was found on the side of the road. We are interested in donating her to a police department because I think if she had the training she’s smart enough to be a police dog. Any help as to how I can get in touch with a police department interested let me know.

    • safepets uk says:

      most police only take dogs from around 8-10 months old so they can see if they are showing the right abilities to train. It’s worth ringing your local Police department and even neighbouring ones to ask what their criteria is. Even if they can’t take her now, they can explain what sort of things to teach her and play with her to increase her chances later. Good luck.

  6. Justyna Cowley says:

    Hi I have a sibirianhusky cross border collie cross małe dog who I think would make a good police or security dog. He is almost 4 years old but still full of energy like a pup. Does be have any chances to get in and where I can look ?Many thanks

    • safepets uk says:

      Hi, unfortunately he is the wrong breeds and age for working training. If his collie behaviour was the most obvious then he would scent and search well and be toy obsessed. I doubt any police would take him because of age and breed, but you could speak to local private security handlers and see if any near you would come and look at him. Good luck

  7. Heather may says:

    Hi I have got a 6 month old black lab. I also have a 2 year old springer spaniel. I took the lab from my daughter as she could no longer look after him. I am finding it very hard to look after 2 dogs and would like to know if there is any chance the police would like the lab. He is black and male.

    • safepets uk says:

      Have you asked the breeder to take the dog back? A decent one will. There are several Labrador rescue organisations too.
      For the police, dial 101 to get through to your local force, then ask for the dog section. When you get through, explain about your dog. If they are interested, they will send a handler to have an initial look to see if the dog has any working potential.

  8. Alison stones says:

    I can u help my friend has a spring lab he is 2 in August she can not keep him she is very poorly

    • safepets uk says:

      Hi if you ring the police force where your friend lives, they will arrange for the dog section to send someone to test the dog to see if it has any potential. Or google Labrador Rescue, there are several around the UK who will help. Good luck

  9. Rhianne jones says:

    Hi I have a husky cross German Shepard and desperate to find him a new home.hel be 2 on Christmas Day and sadly we have time to do the things he needs.weve tried rescue centres which are trying to find him a home and other places are not interested.we are running out of options.we did ring the police to see if they would want him as one of their dogs but we had no reply.any help will be greatly appreciated.thank you

    • safepets uk says:

      Hi, you may have to ring several forces to find one that will consider a cross. The Police also don’t rush to reply, keep calling and ring all the neighbouring forces too. You could also speak to local private security companies and see if any of they might take him on. Good luck.

  10. Paul says:

    Hi, i have 8 month old collie x sheperd male. Due to having to move i can no longer keep him. Ive had him since being born cause i have his mother. Im wanting to give him a good life. Hes really intelligent and and a quick learner with training i think hed make a grat police dog. Will the force be interested.

    • safepets uk says:

      Hello, it depends on several things, such as whether he looks more GSD or Collie, whether he is obsessed with toys, whether he is bold with people. Start by calling your local force, he is a little young, but sometimes they will at least come and look. If yours isn’t interested, ring the neighbouring forces.

  11. McCaely Carter says:

    Hi my name is McCaely Carter, I have a 3 year old German Shepherd girl named Yeti, yes the age is a little risky but she is extremely brilliant. My husband travels all the time and I work throughout the day as a teacher and it breaks my heart that we’re having to rehome her. Yeti is a very active dog and loves a good challenge. I have always felt so safe with her around, now she has a hard time being around other dogs but I know with the best training she will become the best dog in the world. I can’t give up on her and I know she is made for the police academy. Praying this is workout and someone can help her and she is suitable for this. Please let me know what actions need to be taken place. Thank you.

    • safepets uk says:

      Hello, are you in the USA? I think, like here in the UK, you can try just calling them and offer your dog. Here it is rare to be able to get a dog over 3 into the Police, maybe try local private security dog handlers? If she is from a good breeder, they will take her back and find her a nice home.
      Good luck

  12. kerry ness says:

    Hi i have an 11month old male german shephard, he is a great dog full of energy and very protective of the family but i have recently separated from my partner and work 12 hour shifts, he is not getting the attention and training he deserves and is getting quite frustrated, would the police take him?

  13. Alison says:

    We have two GS mastiff cross bitches just turned 1year old would like to donate to police as they are to strong for me to hold

    • safepets uk says:

      The first step is to contact your own force. I suspect that they may not want to see them because of the cross they are. If it’s just an issue of control, a decent trainer can help you with some private lessons, or a good local training class.
      I’d recommend though that you ask your vet to recommend a behaviourist as litter sisters can be a challenge.

  14. julie adams says:

    I have a 13 month old gsd crossed with a mastiff looks mors gsd he is very lively and due to a recent bereavement in the family he is not getting the exercise he needs he is too strong for me to take out has all his basic comands would he be suitable as a police dog

    • safepets uk says:

      Start by speaking to your own force. A lot won’t take crossbreeds. If that is the case, you could look up private security companies in your area and ask if they will test him.

  15. MR IVAN M JONES says:

    I have 3 female lab x German Shepherd puppy’s 8 weeks old and I would like to see about donating one to become a sniffer dog how do I go about this

    • safepets uk says:

      Start by contacting your police force and see if they are the ability to run on a puppy until old enough for training. Unfortunately many forces don’t have this option. If not, you could consider donating the puppy to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

  16. Barry mccarthy says:

    Hi I have a 14 month old shepherd that we wish to donate to police and Essex dog section are sending a handler to see him and do some basic tests and if successful will return on another occasion to take him to the training school for some tests , do you know if this force have a good dog section and what’s the percentage rate office they take out of ones they assess and also at what point they actually take ownership of him as they did say they will see him in the next weeks but the next training course don’t start until September,

    • safepets uk says:

      Only the force would know how many dogs actually finish the training. Usually they don’t take ownership fully until the dog completes a training course and therefore is licensed. Essex did sign an agreement years ago to only use humane training methods etc. When they come they are looking at how confident the dog is and how interested in toys. Dogs must be obsessed with play to be considered.

  17. Melissa says:

    I would like to donate my 2 year old german shepherd to the police hes white long haired he has so much energy and I weigh next to nothing so you could imagine what our walks are like and also im struggling to bath him as hes so heavy hes got a good bark on him please can someone contact me

    • safepets uk says:

      Yaay struggle as many forces won’t take white GSD’s and he’s already over two. However I have seen British Transport Police use them. Try calling them and say you want to donate a dog. You can also call your own force and see if they will test him.

  18. Christine Johns says:

    I would like to donate my dog to the police work force

    • safepets uk says:

      Call your local force and explain you want to donate a dog for working. They will arrange for someone to come and have a look at home to see if the dog has any potential. If not, they will say so, if it does, they may have to return another day to collect, once they have kennel space. If your own force isn’t looking, ring the next counties.

  19. Natasha Cooper says:

    Would like to donate my 7months old German Shepard to the police force

    • safepets uk says:

      Natasha, start with your local force and ask them to come and look at your dog. They will usually send a handler to come to your home and see whether your dog has any obvious potential. Have you also asked the breeder to help? A good one will take him back?

  20. Catherine hetzel says:

    I have two Springer spaniels a boy and a girl they are 5 and 6 even tho I’m told will be too old I’m not so sure they are past it yet both are great sniffer dogs and are driven to get their ball even tho this has been difficult I feel that both would benefit not only for them but also a work capacity as they need constant stimulation they have always shown great understanding of commands and are always ready to be out and about i unfortunately now die to my health am unable to give them any proper care or exercise and the poor things are not living life to the full Charlie has been snipped and mable is yet to be spayed but going by the history of these dogs woyld be an excellent one for breeding it’s with great sadness but if they made the training and passed I know they would be happier and that being put to work is what they were always meant to do can you advise if either of my spaniels would be at least looked at before other ways to rehome are needed


    • safepets uk says:

      Unfortunately they are considered too old with not enough working life left. they are almost at retirement age. I would spay your girl and speak to Springer rescues, they are best placed to check people out and find good homes with lifetime back up. Have you thought about using a dog walker or even “Borrow my Doggy” to help you get them out more?

  21. Hi have an 18month old German Shepard and he needs regimes as I have just had another baby and he’s now acting differently and I no longer trust him but he is a good dog and comes from a good breed his mum /dad are good dogs also would like to donate him to the police force thanks

    • safepets uk says:

      Hello Charlene. Approach your local force to start with and ask them to come and assess him. they usually send a handler to your home to have a look to see if he has any potential. if he does, they would make arrangements to get him into kennels for further testing. good luck

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