We want to thank all our wonderful clients, old and new for their help and permission to use their stories.  The case studies have inspired many people over the years to ask for help as they recognise themselves and their dog or cat.

Thanks also to all the customers who have spoken to new ones and given them the confidence to seek help.

We don’t write off dogs or cats that have hurt people or other animals.  From the most serious cases to the simplest, we have 30 years experience.

Our training options can be seen on the SafePets Website

To read that others have been told to destroy their pet, have felt desperate and overwhelmed means you know you are not alone.

Dogs and cats have been helped at home and via phone consultations.  Dogs have come on residential courses as have owners.  Handovers are done in real life, not in a sterile field or training room. contact us if you’d like to chat through your problem or speak to ex clients.

To the left of this page is a category for “Client’s Stories”  click that and read all about the cats, dogs and others we have helped over the years.

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