Another very sad case of a baby killed by a dog. It is tragic that these cases still happen and even more tragic that people still don’t prepare their pet for the arrival of a baby.

This is the Daily Mail version

It sadly highlights the ignorance surrounding these incidents and pet/baby ownership in general.  This is not jealousy, it is a lack of supervision and preparation and tragic accident.

Having worked with cases of intended child adoption, dogs who bit children and some lovely sensible owners who did prepare their cat or dog, I can tell you that getting the pet ready is every bit as important as any other part of a child coming.

This isn’t about breed, it is irrelevant how many terriers have hurt kids, it is about understanding dogs and making sure you train your dog properly.

Don’t assume, however nice your dog is, that a new child is an easy transition.  New sounds, smells, routine and rules means a lot of stress.  Despite my offering many times to help people prepare, few take up the training.

It is possible to work with a cat or dog to test reactions, desensitise the pet and avoid these tragedies. My “stunt baby” training program took a couple turned down for adoption because of two aggressive GSD’s to the successful adoption of three under five kids.

Whether it is a new baby, grandchild or the joining of households, do the work to help your pet adapt and don’t assume your dog or cat is fine.  Use one of our training programs to help your dog make the change safely and know what the warning signs are.

We sympathise with any family affected by a dog attack, but urge owners to act first and take responsibility.  Train your dog, test your dog and don’t be the next newspaper story.

If you need any help, contact us here

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