mezeussitbookSince the Dangerous Dogs Act was hastily rushed through in 1991 after a seeming increase in dog attacks it has been heavily criticised.  In the main this is because the breeds it banned are now more easily available and desirable to the people who shouldn’t have them and the law punishes dogs and not the idiot owners.

Professionals seem to be ignored, so how can we get our messages out there?  Lets start here….

You will probably see that some of my own feelings are apparent in these points.  My aim would be to produce a document supported by professionals and dog owners and present it to parliament.  There will be lots of other points not yet mentioned here, but let’s make a start.  Please share this post and let’s get real opinions.


It’s no good saying we want breeding controls, let’s be specific.

Should there be a limit on how much a puppy can be sold for?

Should every single breeding be registered on a database with a certificate and made illegal to sell without?

Should there be automatic cross checking when litters are registered of the breeder with Dept for Work and Pensions and Inland Revenue?

Exactly who should have a licence to breed and what should it consist of?

Should there be a limit on the number of dogs able to breed that someone owns?

How can we stop people buying from puppy farms deliberately and how can we stop the farming?

Should dogs used for breeding have compulsory health tests?

Should dogs used for breeding have compulsory temperament tests?

Should pups bred outside of these rules be seized and put into rescues?


What do we want in dog ownership?

Should there be a code of conduct that is gone through and signed before someone gets a dog?

If yes, who should do this?

Should there be the option to temporarily remove a dog from a bad owner and force them into training before the dog is returned?

Should all the breeds be removed from the DDA that are named as banned?

Should all dog owners have to complete some form of training with a new dog?

Should dogs be removed and rehomed if an owner refuses to comply with advice or warnings?

Should there be limits on how many dogs a person can own?

Should there be a legal requirement to chip your dog and change details as in car documents?

Should the roles of dog wardens be extended or curbed?



Should there be an ethical code of conduct that rescues follow?

What should that be?

How can bad rescues be exposed and stopped?


Police and councils

Are the police doing enough to enforce the laws regarding dogs and animal welfare generally as they stand?

Are Dog Wardens doing enough to enforce council rules and the law?

How can either of these roles be improved?


These are not exhaustive points, but please do send your thoughts and comment here.  Before more bad legislation is forced on us, lets have a voice.

The Dangerous Dogs Act offers no defence, regardless of any provocation towards your dog.  Hear me and Julie Hill on The Dog News Show discussing a case where burglars let dogs out who bit children and both dogs were put to sleep.


Please comment here or email us your thoughts via The Dog News Show

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