tiggerchairAnother death caused by a dog bite, the tragic death of Mario Perivoitos, bitten in front of 2 BBC documentary film makers has again highlighted the need for full investigations. I have long campaigned for live assessments of dogs involved in tragic deaths to be able to properly determine the triggers and causes. PLEASE READ TO END AND SIGN THE PETITION.

The most recent awful death of a baby, Archie Darby in Essex, soon after the death of 3 year old Dexter Neal, both killed by dogs has highlighted several issues. Nobody could fail to feel sympathy for the families of children killed in this way, but we learn nothing from them to protect the next child.

Some time ago I wrote to DEFRA minister George Eustice MP to outline my request to keep dogs alive for assessment after fatal attacks. I was dismayed to read his response that the Coroner identifies “aggravating factors” and that we don’t need anything else.

This is his response: eusticereply1


The awful irony of this is that I have spoken several times to the great aunt of Lexi Branson who wrongly imagined that the coroner’s identification of a rescue who should have assessed a dog and properly checked out a prospective home would be acted upon.  They spent 3 years imagining that in future, the government would set standards and improve rescue operations.  They didn’t and never intended to and I had to tell the family that this was the case.  They were devastated.  So this reply from Mr Eustice MP, citing that case as showing good practice is insulting.

I believe that unless live assessments are undertaken and the full history is properly investigated, including health status and lifestyle of dogs involved we will never have enough information to protect people and animals. The triggers and precursors are not being investigated and that is where future protection lies.

Please sign and share my petition to get the government to address this issue.  As things stand, adults, children and dogs die and we really don’t know why.





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  1. Jim Crosby says:

    Excellent points! Please keep your eyes out for the upcoming book release “Dog bites: A multidisciplinary approach” published by the University of Lincoln, edited by Dr. Daniel Mills and Dr. Carri Westgarth. I have contributed two chapters including “Investigation of fatal dog attacks”. We hope this publication can be a guide to the intricacies of these special homicides.

    • safepets uk says:

      Hi Jim
      Yes I’m aware of the book, it is being promoted on Facebook. I also know the work you do in USA and I will continue to fight to get more done here.

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