I met the lovely Wendy Turner Webster at the Wetnose Animal Awards this year and also had the pleasure of seeing her lovely husband and son.  A true animal lover, I can totally sympathise with her responses, especially as I’m also a vegetarian and love pigs!

Thanks to Wendy for doing our interview

Wendy Turner Webster, West London, 1 x goldfish called Josh, 2 x Guinea Pigs called Snowflake and Tara and 1 x pony called Stychlands Charlemange (Charles for short!)


Q1  What makes a good pet owner?

A good pet owner is someone who sees their pet as a companion and a friend, rather than a lesser being to be dominated and controlled. A good pet owner cares passionately about the welfare of his or her pet and does not hesitate to seek help and advice when things go wrong or health problems arise. A good pet owner respects all animal life and does not pet some animals and eat others!!!

Q2  How do you make your pet’s life the best possible?

I consider their individual needs and do my utmost to keep them free from stress and worry. I make sure they are fed and watered, have company, play time and play things and the right sort of food to eat.

Q3  What campaign or law would you create to improve the life of pets in theUK? 

I would make micro-chipping compulsory for ALL pets and put much tighter restrictions on dog and cat breeding. I would ban the sale of live animals in pet shops and have a high profile campaign to encourage the adoption of pets from rescue centres instead.

Q4  What advice would you give to someone buying their first pet?

Do your research! Read books and check out the internet to discover how best to look after your new pet. Avoid impulse buys and avoid exotic pets who need specialist care. Spend some time at your local rescue centre to find the pet that’s right for you.

Q5  What animal have you never owned but want to and why?

If I had the land I would like to rescue some pigs! They are sweet and intelligent and I would be thrilled to save some from the slaughterhouse.

Wendy’s final comments: 

If you think you love animals… don’t eat them!!! Thanks for giving me the chance to say that! I am currently working on two projects via my company Black Rock Films Ltd – coproducing a John Landis film (The Rivals, in pre-production) and presenting a TV documentary for the charity Refuge in association with The Sun newspaper. www.BlackRockFilmsltd.com

About Safepets UK

Expert Witness behaviourist assessing dogs for court, treating cats and dogs. Covering Midlands to London and other areas.

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