The Bad Puppy Guide, don’t buy from puppy farmers

The fight against the immoral and cruel trade of puppy farming has gone on for many years, yet the trade grows because people still deliberately buy them.  Endless stories are online of people with sick puppies, yet none complain although they always say they will.  Our pages on here about puppy farming get lots of views, yet our recent information searches show tens of thousands of puppy farm puppies sold, and complaints in single figures.  We want to try and address this.

If you have bought a puppy from a puppy farm, outlet, puppy supermarket, pet shop or any other source, please contact us.  In TOTAL CONFIDENCE we want the information about your puppy, or what you saw.  It’s not you we are pointing the finger at, it’s the cruel breeder behind this.

We need full information:

  • a scanned copy of any paperwork
  • copies of adverts with phone numbers
  • the address and name of any pet shop or other outlet you saw or bought a puppy from
  • the exact problem you had, behaviour or health wise (we need to know the info about the shop/breeder even if your dog currently appears healthy)
  • whether you have already complained and what happened.

The fact is that few complaints are made and so every fight becomes more difficult.  We will advise you on complaining if you want our help.

Our aim is to end up with a shame list, the “Bad Puppy Guide” which will become part of and allow us to fight the farmers and to stop people buying from them.  Every county in the UK has outlets selling these pups, even if they don’t have the breeding farms, so every one of you can help.

You can be part of this and stop more people breeding and buying.  Be assured, this is about your dog, not you, we need your help, we want to finally make a difference.

Please send info to

Also see Reporting bad breeders, some advice


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